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Glow Lion Underwater Night Fishing Lights, LED Fishing Light Lure for Attracting Fish, Deep Dive Submersible Lamp with High Lumens, Green, 2 Piece

by Glow Lion
Price: $15.95 Buy Now

  • Versatility - can be used together for a brighter effect, or give one to a friend
  • Coin cell batteries included - no need to connect an external battery, this lamp has a high lumen output with batteries included
  • Incredibly effective - impress your friends by finding fish and bait faster with the high lumen green lamp

Product description

Glow Lion green led underwater night fishing light works by attracting smaller bait and phytoplankton that larger game fish feed off of. These game fish follow the bait to the light and make them easier to catch. Durable, waterproof casing ensures that the led light can be completely submerged into water, up to 2, 100 feet, and still be effective. Can be used in lakes, ponds, rivers, or for deep sea fishing, day or night, for commercial or personal use. The included batteries will last up to 30 hours before they need to be changed. Green led fishing light.

Amarine-made Green 12v-24v 8W 180 LED 1000 Lumens IP68 Lure Bait Finder Night Fishing Boat Submersible Deep Drop Underwater Light with Battery Clip & Power Plug (Green)

by alfa marine (Shanghai)
Price: $24.99 Buy Now

  • Built-in lead weight; Heavy Duty 6M Power Cord with battery clips ; weight: 395g(light: 190g, wire: 205g)
  • Green Light 12 Volt Submersible Deep Drop Underwater LED Fishing Lamp , IP 68 (5m underwater) , with battery clip and power plug
  • 8 watts,0.9 amp draw,1000 lumens brightness, ultra-low battery consumption (runs 8 X Longer than halogen);

Product description

The lamp applied in deep water fishing, LED light source, energy saving and environment friendly, there is excellent effect on luring and inducing the fish.
Light trapping is the use of photo taxis of fish and insects, According to this theory ,luring the fish and other insects.
Setting strong light to lure the fish into the pre-set a good net, and then using the pulley by force, lifting the net and the fish by catch quickly to surface of water

Application for LED fishing light
1.The transformation of large fishing vessels.
2.Light cover net, sea fishing
3.Cage net, small fishing net
4.Silver nets,fishermen modified net
5.Fish ponds,fishing in the lake.

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Fishing for the first Americans 09/08/15, via

More recently, the duo used an autonomous underwater vehicle to explore and found what they suggest could be a fishing weir — a trap made from rocks — that dates back 13,800 years. Archaeologist James Dixon of the University of New Mexico in 

Alaska Dispatch News

US Coast Guard 17th District 09/03/15, via Alaska Dispatch News

A fishing boat that ran aground Tuesday evening in Sitka remained underwater Thursday as crews made plans to remove around 600 gallons of fuel from the ship. The 58-foot seiner Pacific Venture grounded on rocks Tuesday evening near Twins Island, the 

Underwater Hunter Goes Deep Sea Fishing Without Air!

Beast Mode_ Underwater Hunter Goes Deep Sea Fishing Without Air. (Walking Around Down Under Like Its Nothing)


Improve Your Fly Fishing

Improve Your Fly Fishing

Published by New Holland Publishers 2015

ISBN 1843303469,9781843303466
96 pages

The increasing popularity of fishing means a relative increase in healthy competition on the water. Improving techniques and understanding of the sport is one sure way to get ahead of the rest. Here, John Bailey provides inside information on the relationship between the fish, the flies and the tackle, and anglers will find exactly what they need to improve their skills.

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88 Rampage 24' with Tower and Corvette Power $15k - The Hull Truth

24 Rampage with tower for sale. Classic style vessel that slices through the waves, can handle 2-3' like its not even there. This boat is turnkey and fully functioning. I set it up to run charters on it but use my other 2 boats way more often. I am a Professional Captain so I can tell you it is set up right. This thing has all the bells and whistles and is an awesome gulf fishing machine. It has a very comfortable V-berth and nice looking Teak all around. Overall she is in excellent shape. some of the perks:. Anchorlift brand complete windlass, rode, bowroller, and 17# anchor. Brand new Lowrance HDS 7 Touch,with structure scan and Navionics platinum+ sd card, networked to tower. Large Flybridge/tower with bimini, controls and gauges. Blue and green underwater Transom lighting. New upholstery in cabin. 12 Locking rodholders numerous rodholders around the gunwale. Spare prop and prop puller. 7 type 1 PFDs and a dozen type 2. All safety equipment (Flare gun, smoke signals, air horn) up to date. All LED nav lights and cabin lighting operational. EZ loader trailer, oversized and in excellent condition great tires and spare. Fresh coat of antifouling bottom paint and a spare gallon. This boat has everything you need to hit the waves. She handles rough seas like a champ and easily cruises around 25 knots @ 3000rpm getting very good mileage. I love this boat but I own and operate 2 other boats so I have to thin out the crowd.

Source: The Hull Truth - Boating and Fishing Forum
Waterproof 6 LED 1/2 NPT 12V 9W Underwater Boat Drain Plug Light For Fishing Swimming Diving
Waterproof 6 LED 1/2 NPT 12V 9W Underwater Boat Drain Plug Light For Fishing Swimming Diving

Consumer Electronics

01.Single LED 1.5W with 6 LED insides, total 9W super brightness. 02.Bronze housing materials, 100% anti-corrosion. 03.Standard 1/2 NPT thread type, connected with 78.74 inch cable. 04.Connected with waterproof connector in order to easy installation, no drilling hole are needed, just screw it into the holes on your boat. 05.Waterproof: IP68. 06.Color: Blue. 07.Connect to 12-24V battery or power sources only. 08.Current working750MA. Luminous Flux 650 Lm. 09.Emitting Angle of Peak: 120 degree. 10.Remark: Lights are for underwater use only, do not operate it out of water. 11.Color: Red. Notice: 01.Standard NPT joint can be easily intalled by your hands. 02.Please use the light under the water and the test output must be DC12-24V. If not, the light will shut off in a few minute as it is overheated design. 03.Please don't use any tools (like pliers and knife) to intalls the light as it may destroy the protecitve layer. 04.Please dont press the outgoing bulke or shake the wire hardly, or it will damage the driver.


Lifegard Aquatics Underwater River Aquarium Ornament size: Medium
Lifegard Aquatics Underwater River Aquarium Ornament size: Medium


Add a beautiful aesthetic to your underwater world with the Lifegard Aquatics Underwater River. Bubbles travel to create a river-like effect underwater, adding mesmerizing beauty. Easy to install in any size aquarium, it also oxygenates and creates water movement. Features: Creates a river-like effect; Oxygenates and creates water movement Includes: Air Pump Decorative Ornament Tubing River Housing Suction Cups Check Valve and Fittings. Intended Pet(s): Fish Material(s): PVC, Ceramic, Acrylic Color: Clear Product Dimensions: 9.5 in L x 6 in W x 6 in H Capacity: Up to 40 gallon tank with air pump Directions: Place & secure in aquarium. Connect airline. Connect check valve & air pump Size: Medium.


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Sinking teeth: The gator that got away - once - 09/08/15, via Sun Herald

the fishing bow became tangled just when we needed it most, and several hooks were lost after becoming snagged on underwater debris. Gator hunting in Mississippi offers an incredible adrenaline rush few other sports provide. But it is extremely difficult ...

The Lionfish Hunters - 09/09/15, via Mashable

By staging individual hunts and fish derbies like this, the local community is trying ... using hand signals to chart our course since we can't talk to each other underwater. A flat palm with two quick, karate-like jabs signifies the direction we're ...

Huge Smallmouth Bass School (Underwater) - 09/02/15, via scout

The fall spares with the prespawn for the title of best bass fishing of the year for both numbers and size, but unlike the prespawn, it’s normal to have the water to yourself as fisherman trade rods for bows and guns. Elite Series pro Jacob Powroznik is ...


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Red Sea anemonefish
Red Sea anemonefish
Makadi Bay, 2014
Photo by dachalan on Flickr
bonaire underwater January 2010 - 71.jpg
bonaire underwater January 2010 - 71.jpg
Photo by actor212 on Flickr
Pineapple Fish
Pineapple Fish
This is quite an unusual fish, both in its body surface and in its behavior: it harbors a light under its eye, powered by symbiotic bacteria. With that, it attracts prey animals at night. I cleaned up some background in digital post-processing. Fishbase: Cleidopus gloriamaris So: is it doable to dive at least once every 1000 km of Australian coastline?
Photo by PacificKlaus on Flickr
Underwater fishing by Patty73
Underwater fishing by Patty73
Fishing for the truth on ocean protection » Fishing in NZ: Deep ...
Fishing for the truth on ocean protection » Fishing in NZ: Deep ...
Underwater Fishing - beginning of the big fish story
Underwater Fishing - beginning of the big fish story
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  • jeetsukumaran RT @SimonJGreenhill: Archaeology is moving underwater and along riverbanks to find clues left by the people who colonized the New World. ht…
  • MatisooSmith RT @SimonJGreenhill: Archaeology is moving underwater and along riverbanks to find clues left by the people who colonized the New World. ht…
  • GreenMagnetFish Underwater Green Fishing Light BY GREEN MAGNET Day or Night Fish 4' W/20' Cable @eBay

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