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As I Saw It: How a TV Cameraman Covered News in Bygone Days

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In the early sixties American networks started looking for cameramen to cover the military events in Vietnam and the Dominican Republic. CBS News hired Carl Sorensen. He tells how, with Correspondent Dan Rather, he survived an attack by a Vietnameses fighter plane and how a Vietnamese helicopter dropped Morley Safer and Sorensen into a combat zone leaving them covered to their necks in a swamp with muddy waters. In Cambodia, two Khmer Rouge cadres surprised Correspondent Bert Quint, Sorensen and Soundman Patrick Forest, wounding Forest. The author describes vividly how the Mexican Army in 1968 attacked the Plaza of the Three Cultures killing defenseless students and onlookers, and how a colonel smashed Sorensens camera lens and threatened to kill the CBS team. During the Cyprus conflict Turkish jets attacked the Nicosia Hilton Hotel wounding the author with a rocket fragment. In Iran, Sorensen was arrested by the Islamic Committee guards and put in prison accused of being an American spy. He also covered Pope John Paul II traveling in search of love and peace receiving enough papal blessings to last a lifetime.



Binding: Hardcover Author: Felicenne Houston Ramey Language: English Publication Date: 2016-04-01 Number of Pages: 74 Publisher: Ebonart For Many Years, I Collected Art From The African Diaspora. My Interest And Passion For The Arts Stemmed From My Childhood Visits To The Philadelphia Museum Of Art. After Retirement From Academic And Administrative Positions At California State University, Sacramento, I Expanded My Interest To Not Only Include The Collection Of Art, But To The Curation Of Art Exhibits. In Addition, I Began Photographing And Recording The Interesting Lives Of Older African Americans. This Latter Interest Surfaced When I Became A Grandmother. Almost All New Grandparents Become Novice Photographers And I Was No Exception. As A Frequent Visitor To Art Exhibits, I Was Particularly Struck By The Lack Of Older African American People Exhibited In The Artwork. And Since I Was Fast Becoming One Of Them, I Added Photographing Senior African Americans To My Interest. As Part Of The Photography Sessions, I Asked Each Of Them To Share Their Formula For Long Living. This Resulted In My First Published Book Titled, Senior African Americans -They Are Beautiful, Handsome And Wise (Available At Blurb.Com). In That Book It Is Clear That Many Aged Well. In Addition, The Seniors Show Wisdom About Aging With Grace. As A Result Of The First Book, I Curated Art Exhibits Of The Photos And The Associated Wisdom At The California State Fair And The University Library Gallery At Sacramento State University. It Was Interesting And Enlightening To See How Young College Students Reacted To The Age, Beauty And Wisdom Of The Seniors. Many Saw The Need To Connect With Their Grandparents (If Possible) And Even Made Mention Of Their Great-Grandparents. The Students' Comments Inspired Me To Do A Second Project, This Time With Great-Grandparents As My Focus. During My Research, I Discovered Sir Sidney Poitier'S Book Titled, Life Beyond Measures: Letters To My Great Granddaughter. His


Charles Lindbergh
Charles Lindbergh


"Lindbergh Does It!" declared The Times front page headline, on May 22, 1927 after Charles Lindbergh's historic solo flight from New York to Paris. split Lindbergh, it was reported, "ate only one and a half of his five sandwiches" during the flight and "fell asleep at times but quickly awoke." Along with "a corps of frantic newspaper men," a Times reporter tracked the aviator down at the American Embassy in Paris at 2:30 in the morning. "Attired in a pair of Ambassador Herrick's pajamas, he sat on the edge of a bed and talked of his flight," The Times reported. Despite the time, Lindbergh asked for a bath and a glass of milk and described his journey. "I flew as low as 10 feet in some places and as high as 10,000 in others," he said. "I passed no ships in the daytime, but at night I saw the lights of several ships, the night being bright and clear."Lindy is seen here with the Spirit of St. Louis just before flying into the history books.