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The Mode in Costume

by Scribner Paper Fiction
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Product description

The Mode in Costume is a definitive reference on the history of men's, women's, and children's clothes, from 3000 B.c. to 1958. This book spans a period from the togas of ancient Rome to Cromwellian brown cloth jerkins; from the crimson mantles worn by French medieval kings to organdy and taffeta gowns by Dior. African Moorish turbans, Victorian top hats and silk cravats, Queen Nefertiti's fan, and French corsets are several of the hundreds of accessories that R. Turner Wilcox includes in this book. Fashion cycles are described and style revivals are explained in The Mode in Costume. Lavish black-and-white drawings depict the fashions of each era, and definitions are given for unfamiliar terms. This invaluable text for the theatre, history, and literature student is also a handsome guide for everyone who is interested in fashion. R. TURNER WILCOX was a student of general history, design, and costume, all her life. She lived in Paris, Munich, and London for varying periods. Other titles by Mrs. Wilcox are Dictionary of Costume, Five Centuries of American Costume, and Folk and Festival Costume of the World.