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Plush Giraffe Costume Set w/ Ear Headband, Tail, & Bowtie

by Bolin Group
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  • Fits Most Children and Some Adults
  • Encourages Imaginary Play
  • Giraffe Costume Set

Product description

Inspire the animal lover inside with this perfectly fabulous costume set. Add the finishing touches to your costume this Halloween! One size fits most children and adults.

Costume Design

by Cengage Learning
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Product description

The second edition of COSTUME DESIGN provides a basic introduction to costume design and takes students through the entire process of costume making, beginning with the idea for a costume to the final fit. The text is thoroughly illustrated, providing guidelines for the student for creating the figure and the costume design, examples of many styles of costume presentation, a guide to historical costume shapes, and scale drawings of the basic historical patterns with photos of them made up in muslin. Many theatre departments require all theatre majors take a course in costume design.