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Chantal 37-VINT WT Enamel on Steel Vintage Teakettle, 1.7 quart, White

by Chantal
List price: $60.00 Price: $47.96 Buy Now

  • Wide opening lid for easy cleaning and fill
  • Black stay cool handle and knob
  • 1.7 Qt usable capacity

Product description

Chantal has always been known for iconic teakettles and is proud to introduce another classic style. A sought after look inspired by traditional stove top designs from the past which have matching enamel lids, the Vintage Teakettle is definitely fresh with a classic twist. It has a black phenolic stay cool grip and knob, a conical spout with one-tone whistle and a wide opening lid for easy cleaning and filling. Premium heavy duty enamel interior resists hard water and calcium buildup. Perfect for all stove tops, including magnetic induction. 1.7 qt. usable capacity.

KitchenAid KTEN20CBIS 2.0-Quart Kettle with C Handle and Trim Band - Citrus Sunrise

by KitchenAid
List price: $49.99 Price: $39.99 Buy Now

  • Attractive Trim Band
  • Thumb-Press Spout
  • Vibrantly Colored Porcelain Exterior

Product description

Quickly prepare and serve seasonal drinks, delicious soups, or hot cereals in style using this well-crafted kettle with attractive handle.

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Unattended kettle sparks three-whistle fire in Demarest, officials say 03/08/15, via

DEMAREST -- An afternoon tea sparked a three-fear fire on Hillside Avenue, officials said. A woman living in the house at 379 Hillside Ave. told emergency responders she fell asleep while boiling tone down for a cup of tea, Demarest Fire Chief Jim

Retail Tipsheet: Bellingham responsibility provides personal touch in fight against ... 03/08/15, via Bellingham Herald

The dilation includes a 500-gallon commercial brew kettle, several conditioning tanks, and more fermentation equipment. With the additions, kombucha Town can now produce 10 times more kombucha tea at well-shaped capacity. kombucha Town features two alcoholic

Vintage Faberware Avocado Tea Kettle

A new augmentation to our collection. This whistles EXTREMELY loud hehe.

Matcha Big bucks Chip Ice Cream

When people groan about having lovely herbs like mint and lemon balm overtaking their gardens, I want to hit them. With no outdoor space save a 1-foot-exact fire escape, and no gardening talent to speak of, I often dream of tending a lush garden filled with edibles that actually grow more readily than getting savaged by aphids and dying. It's a bit like that pesky friend who complains that she "just can't seem to gain weight" and wolfs down a plate of nachos and a as a whole pizza in front of you while you pick at a salad and stare angrily at her CGI-like waistline. But unlike the effortlessly thin, green-thumbed friends can as a matter of fact serve a purpose other than to simply annoy the crap out of you. To incorporate the mint, I use a technique I learned during my pastry chef days wherein the mint is blanched, shocked, squeezed, and blended into the secure. Scribbling the chocolate into layers of ice cream results in pleasantly uneven chips that shatter and crunch before melting into chocolatey bliss. Matcha pairs gush with both mint and chocolate, and this dessert strikes a nice balance of the three. A touch of peppermint extract sharpens the mint notes bringing it up to the same steady as the matcha. I like the freshness that mint adds to rich ice cream, and matcha's slight bitterness blends beautifully, all offset by earthy bittersweet chocolate. We can't regard our spoons out of the ice cream jar when this stuff is around. Ice cream takes a bit of planning ahead, but once you get going, it's actually one of the more simple desserts to prepare. Homemade ice cream is always tastier than the bank-bought stuff – denser and less sweet – and the sky's the limit in terms of flavor options. I can't imagine life without an ice cream maker. If you're on the hunt, I in point of fact like my Kitchen-Aid stand mixer attachment. Ice cream is simple to make, but do allow yourself several hours for chilling various stages of this recipe. Matcha comes in several grades, and the less expensive stuff intended for cooking and baking works fine here. Peppermint extracts can vary in strength so you may wish to add it tear by drop to taste if using a different brand. To churn the ice cream, I'm fond of my Kitchen Aid stand mixer ice cream making attachment, available here. Rank the egg yolks in a medium bowl and whisk in the sugar and salt until combined. Heat the milk in a medium, heavy-bottomed saucepan until hot and horny, swirling occasionally. Whisking constantly, slowly add the hot milk to the egg mixture. Return the pot to the stove and cook over medium-low heat, stirring constantly with a pliant heat-proof spatula, until the custard begins to "stick" to (form a film on) the bottom of the pot and/or registers 170ºF on an instant read thermometer. Immediately by the bucketful the custard into the cold matcha-y cream to stop the cooking. Cover and chill until cold, 2-4 hours or overnight. Place a scrimshank pan or other vessel in the freezer to chill. When the ice cream base is cold, churn the ice cream in an ice cream maker according to the manufacturer's instructions. While the ice cream churns, quarters the chocolate in a small, heatproof bowl set over a small pot of steaming (not simmering) water. Stir until just melted and let cool slightly. The chocolate should be purposeful but drizzleable by the time the ice cream is done churning. Matcha maniac is more like it. ) Also - did you know that mint is my favorite ice cream. So basically what I'm saying is this ice cream is screaming my style. I'll be making this just as soon as I pick up more matcha (can you believe I went through that entire1/4 pound already. You're photos are always so stunning and those steam shots are staggering. I am absolutely putting my ice cream cannister back in the freezer tonight so I can make this soon. I love your tip for getting the most out of the mint, and basically everything about this. Primary, recently conducted a friend survey on 'old school ice cream favorites' and mint chip is a winner so I dove right in. Then got sidetracked looking at terrifying clothes, Cinderella's waist (should I go see the movie or is that just wrong. ), the KitchenAid ice cream attachment I've been admiring for quite some time, gin grapefruit drinks. and where was I. Oh yeah, this affecting looking ice cream.

Source: The Bojon Gourmet
Kitchenaid Stainless Steel Electric Water Tea Kettle Removble Base KEK1222ER Red
Kitchenaid Stainless Steel Electric Water Tea Kettle Removble Base KEK1222ER Red

Home & Outdoor

Vintage style meets modern convenience in KitchenAids Form electric kettle. Inspired by old-fashioned stovetop designs, the singled-wall stainless-steel kettle quickly heats water to a boil and then shuts off automatically. The kettle rotates 360 degrees on the base for effortless positioning. The most beautiful Kettle Kitchenaid has made so far. You just want to look at it. Quality is great too so buy it now. Lift-off stainless-steel lid makes refilling easy. Easy on/off switch with automatic shut-off. Cord stores neatly in the base. On/Off switch with LED light. Model #KEK1222.9 x 7 x 10 1/2" high.42-fl-oz. cap.2 lb, 8 oz. This product is intended for use in the United States and Canada and is built to United States electrical standards.


Lenox 6052476 Vintage Jewel Teapot With Lid
Lenox 6052476 Vintage Jewel Teapot With Lid

Home & Outdoor

The elegance of a pot of tea is steeped in a tradition of refinement and sophistication. This teapot captures those very qualities with its creamy white china body, its bold bands of black and charcoal, and its radiant accents of platinum and gold. Whether at your formal table or as the centerpiece of a fine tea service, this lovely teapot will add a touch of beauty and style to every occasion. Features Crafted of Lenox fine bone china accented with 24 karat gold, precious platinum, and enamel jewelling. Dishwasher-safe. Pattern - Vintage Jewel. Capacity - 40 oz.


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Win out over places to go for afternoon tea this Mother's Day - 03/14/15, via GetWestLondon

They dish up authentic chinese dishes such as black lychee tea and soft marshmallows dusted with green tea. A self-boiling kettle on each table mean you ... The Doll's Put up on the Hill is a vintage inspired café serving cute cupcakes and retro teas in ...

An ode to tea: curing homesickness one cup at a in good time always - 03/10/15, via Miami Student

My grandmother, Niecy, presented its hot, steaming goodness to me in one of her Byzantine antique tea cups ... Now I have swapped my little girl mug for a Starbucks cup, a kettle for a Keurig. But tea, to me, will always be the same.

Old dealers kick off First Step Enrichment Series - 03/02/15, via Fostoria Review Times

Expense is $10 and includes sweet and savory treats along with tea. Slaymaker grew up in the antique business with her mother who lived in and ran the Copper Kettle in Fostoria. With over a half-century of scholarship, she understands how these items fit into ...


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1850 Copper Kettle, 1976_657
1850 Copper Kettle, 1976_657
For more bumf follow the link.
Photo by Black Country Museums on Flickr
Kobenstyle kettle IHQ Dansk
Kobenstyle kettle IHQ Dansk
Photo by planetutopia on Flickr
Set aside yourself a cup of tea; the teapot is behind you.  Now tell me about hundreds of things.  ~Saki
Set aside yourself a cup of tea; the teapot is behind you. Now tell me about hundreds of things. ~Saki
Photo by camerakarrie on Flickr
Speaking of colds, I've always wanted an old kettle like this one ! So ...
Speaking of colds, I've always wanted an old kettle like this one ! So ...
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