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Smeg KFL03 Electric Kettle Pink KFL07 PKUS

by Smeg
Price: $139.95 Buy Now

  • Soft-opening lid. Polished chrome base. Chrome handle. Stainless steel spout
  • Double water indication Lt/Cup. Stainless steel ball lever knob. Removable stainless steel lime scale filter
  • Auto shut-off at 100 Degree C/212 and when no water is detected.

Product description

Smeg Electric Kettles combine ergonomics, functionality, and aesthetic balance. Perfect for heating water for that cup of tea, instant coffee, and even oatmeal or dried soups- you'll find every available excuse to use Smeg 50s style kettles.

Flamingo Tea Kettle, 2.3 Quart Whistling Teakettle - by Home-X

by Home-X
Price: $39.95 Buy Now

  • GREAT GIFT - Makes a great gift for housewarming, birthdays, holidays, bridal showers or any special occasion.
  • DETAILS - Enamel coating on both inside and outside of teakettle. Excellent heat resistance. Use on a gas and electric stove. 2.3 qt capacity. Hand wash recommended.
  • FANCIFUL FLAMINGO - Beautiful pink Flamingo style enamel teakettle adds a fanciful flare to your kitchen to brighten your day.

Product description

Introducing bright and fanciful Flamingo style enamel teakettle. Made of enamel on steel (both inside and outside of teakettle) and a handle, spout, and lid knob are made of durable plastic. It can be used on gas, electricity, radiant, halogen, or ceramic heating sources. Hand washing recommended. Capacity is 2.3 quart.
Other styles also available.

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New York Times

Michael Graves, 80, Dies; Postmodernist Designed Towers and Teakettles 03/12/15, via New York Times

Chirography about the Humana building in 1985, Paul Goldberger of The called the tower, sheathed in pink granite with a solid glass shaft up the center, “a remarkable fulfilment — in every way Mr. Graves's finest building, a tower that

New Haven Register

Michael Graves, innovative architect, dies at 80 03/14/15, via New Haven Register

In this Sept. 11, 2009 fill in photo, architect and designer Michael Graves sits in his Princeton, N.J. studio holding a bathtub handle he designed to help the handicapped and ageing. Graves, who designed modern and whimsical postmodern structures and

PINK Harmonious Tea Kettle/Cup Set Water Fountain Battery Operated

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Michael Graves, innovative architect, dies at 80 - New Haven Register

11, 2009 place in order photo, architect and designer Michael Graves sits in his Princeton, N. J. studio holding a bathtub handle he designed to help the handicapped and grey. Graves, who designed modern and whimsical postmodern structures and later household goods sold at Target stores has died in New Jersey. AP Photo/Mel Evans. Since 2003, when he began to use a wheelchair, Graves became an uphold of sound design as an element of health care. He worked to design user-friendly medical equipment, hospitals and schools, including St. Coletta Odd Education charter school in Washington, a colorful, multipurpose center for children and adults with severe mental disabilities. Graves had a second success in 1985 with the 26-story headquarters for the Humana health-care company in Louisville. Winning the commission over better-known architects, he designed a edifice that seemed to soar majestically out of the earth, with a curving balcony near the top. Critics also praised its graceful interior, which included a waterfall. Still, Graves had scores of commissions for college buildings, hotels and authority centers, including the U. S. Transportation Department headquarters in Washington. His whimsical design for the Disney studios in Burbank, California, included a heavy-lifting company of the Seven Dwarfs from “Snow White” functioning as columns, supporting the building’s pediment. “Graves’ scaffolding is so elegant — a thin, silvery web of aluminum that’s lit spectacularly at non-stop — that a movement has sprung up to keep it in place,” architecture critic Blair Kamin wrote in the Chicago Tribune.

Reston Lloyd 30100 Black - Harvest Tea Kettle
Reston Lloyd 30100 Black - Harvest Tea Kettle

Home & Outdoor

This 2.0 quart enamel on steel bubble shape teakettle is perfect for an afternoon tea while enjoying solitude. A great addition to your pink collection. Color: Black.


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Duplicity distilleries emerge in the Lehigh Valley - 03/15/15, via The Morning Call

like Oh My Darjeeling — pink hellish Owl's Brew tea, hibiscus syrup, lemon, lime and orange juice mixed with gin that was produced just feet away in stainless steel and copper kettles on display behind a sun-glasses wall. Others can dine in the old bank vault or ...

Architect Michael Graves Dies at 80 - 03/13/15, via Wall Street Journal

To each his more notable contributions were the Portland Building, a pink and brown 15-story municipal edifice ... For years, his works, ranging from colanders and ironing boards to a tea kettle with a spinning whistle, were mainstays on the shelves of ...

Investment boxes: the next generation - 03/03/15, via

Offset all your plans and put the kettle on. Opinion is divided on Pink Parcel, the period delivery service that ... choice along with other periody treats like chocolate, herbal tea and lip balm. Sentimental it may be, but if you’re continually caught on ...


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tea kettle
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frugality booty for the camper
frugality booty for the camper
Yesterday we bought a camper from a partner, to go on the back of our truck. Of course it's a 1970s kitschy wood-panelled, plaid-cushioned piece of awesomeness, and my new excuse to hit the thrifts! Today I thought I might pick up a a handful of of things to add to our collection (we brought back a few sweet vintage camping supplies from my grandparent's house last month), and it turned out that today, the store had purposes everything on my list, and several things I didn't know I needed, of course! I've been trolling the internet for inspiration for sprucing up the interior, and the only thing I'm sure of so far, is that I will be sewing some new curtains, and perhaps painting the trim on everything- maybe seafoam/mint/aqua- to brighten up the wood. I think for me, the best thing will be to not commit to one colour projection, but have a mish mash of nostalgic prints- florals & plaids- and little bits of woodsy, campy camper things. In any case, I'm so. excited. to have a new transmit for...
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Midnight is Baking Term
Midnight is Baking Term
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Pink Tea Kettle ♥
Pink Tea Kettle ♥
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How to Experience a Pink Kettle for Your Kitchen article is listed in ...
Le Creuset® Pink Whistling Tea Kettle
Le Creuset® Pink Whistling Tea Kettle
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