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Tools of the traffic 11/07/14, via SFGate

Santé chef de cuisine Andrew Cain knew in two shakes of a lamb's tail what the glossy chrome-plated tool at the new Williams-Sonoma store in downtown Sonoma was. He picked it up, admiring its cast metal heft. “It's a bob press,” he said of the curved, foot-plus-tall

Answer Me in Chicago 03/19/14, via New York Times

Convinced enough, midday meant a need for coffee (me) and tea (Sarah). Coffee accouterments are a staple of the Chicago show, but this Until she took me, ever so casually, by the booth for Mauviel 1830, the copper cookware crowd that has been making

Copper Kettle Workshop (D. Picking & Co.) Bucyrus, Ohio

A stop to a copper kettle shop that hammers the copper into shapes rather than spinning them. The shop started in a hardware store and moved to the present.

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The families who go through up to £170k on their kitchen: A hot water tap that cost £1,000 and a £10,000 wine fridge - but owners insist their big spending was worth it - 11/14/14, via Daily Mail

From £75,000 collusively-painted cabinets made of oak to copper pots and pans priced at £350 each ... And the hot water tap, which at 98c is enough to make a cup of tea without boiling a kettle, has the wow factor for guests. We created a laundry chamber ...

French-category inspiration for the kitchen and table - 10/20/14, via

3 Staub remove-iron kettle, $245, from Myer. 4 Vintage French conserve bottle ... 7 Zinc letters, $45 each, from Ici et Là. 8 Mauviel copper bain marie, $429.99, from Chef and the Cook. 9 "Baroque" cutlery, $225 for 24 pieces, from Honey Bee Homewares.

All-Clad Stainless Fortify Tea Kettle (E8619964) - 12/11/13, via

The new All-Clad stainless blade tea kettle does whistle! This popular teakettle has recently been improved, based on feedback from our customers. Even more important, you can feel confident buying this improved teapot because All-Clad backs it up with a ...


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Mauviel Cupretam Tinned Copper Infusion Kettle
Mauviel Cupretam Tinned Copper Infusion Kettle
Simplex Copper Tea Kettle for Gas Stoves
Simplex Copper Tea Kettle for Gas Stoves
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Mauviel Copper Fondue Pot with Withstand

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