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KRUPS FL7028 Personal Glass Tea Kettle with Integrated Infusion Basket, 1-Liter, Black

by Krups
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  • Internal water circulation system for infusing tea and flavor release
  • Angled spout for easy pouring; self-locking removable lid
  • 1-Liter/33-Ounce capacity tea kettle

Product description

Inspired by professionals and designed for connoisseurs, KRUPS products have been built with three key attributes in mind: passion, precision and perfection. The KRUPS fl7028 personal tea kettle comes with a new design and an internal circulation system: water is circulated through an inside tube into the mesh tea leaf chamber saturating tea leaves for optimum infusion and flavor extraction. The mesh brew basket can hold loose tea leaves or tea bags. The KRUPS fl7028 1-liter/33-ounce capacity tea kettle has a minimum and maximum fill lid on the handle for an easier control. As a basic guideline use 1 liter of water for recommend 1 bag/1 spoonful of tea for a lighter tea, 2 bags/2 spoonful's of tea for a fairly stronger tea, 3 bags/3 spoonful's of tea for a strong tea. The angled spout ensures an easy pouring and the self-locking removable lid an easy handling.

KRUPS BW3110 SAVOY Manual Electric Kettle with Auto Shut Off and Brushed Stainless Steel Housing, 1.7-Liter, Silver

by Groupe SEB
List price: $32.88 Price: $26.49 Buy Now

  • Automatic shut-off when water boils or when kettle is empty; extra-large water window for easy viewing
  • Cordless electric kettle with 1.7 L. water capacity and one-touch automatic opening
  • Brushed stainless-steel finish; part of a matching KRUPS Savoy breakfast collection

Product description

This powerful KRUPS BW311050 Savoy cordless kettle will quickly bring to a boil 1.7 L. of water. Use it to make tea, French press coffee, instant noodles, or even hot cocoa. No need to wait next to your microwave or stovetop for water to boil-the electric kettle automatically shuts off when the water starts to boil. For safety, it also shuts off automatically when the kettle is empty. Open the lid at the touch of a button, and clearly see the amount of water inside thanks to the extra-large water window. The KRUPS Savoy kettle can be lifted off its 360-degree rotational power base for cord-free pouring and easily placed back onto the base from any angle. Its easy-to-remove anti-scale filter will ensure a clean kettle and fresh water for delicious, great-tasting hot beverages every time. Housed in brushed stainless steel, the KRUPS BW311 Savoy manual kettle looks beautiful on any counter and will prove to be useful everyday on its own or as part of a matching KRUPS Savoy breakfast collection.

Krups Electrifying Glass Carafe Tea Maker: What's Brewing #56

http://www. wholelattelove. com/Krups/krups-fl700d51-energized-glass-carafe-tea-maker. cfm The Krups FL700D51 Electronic Tea Maker is a marriage of.




Published by iUniverse 2010

ISBN 9781450261883,1450261884

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krups eyeglasses tea kettle
krups eyeglasses tea kettle
Krups "Silvery Art" Tea Kettle
Krups "Silvery Art" Tea Kettle
More About the Krups Energized Tea Kettle:
More About the Krups Energized Tea Kettle:

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