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LazyBrats Hand Painted Designer Quirky Radha Krishna: The Eternal Lovers , Tea Kettle, Gift, Mom, Wife, Sister, Anniversary, Birthday, Unique, Quirky, Colorful, Funky, Design, Useful

by LazyBrats
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  • Accelerate kitchen's Style Quotient
  • Quirky Hand Painted Home Decor
  • Feast for Art Lovers

Product description

Want to make a statement to your love? Gift them this kettle and watch the spark in their eye flare up and their smile broaden. You will soon be engulfed in a beer hug and you will earn some brownie points, which will tide you over the "All-girls" trip that you want to take with your besties or the "footballing marathon" that you have planned with beer and kebabs with your dudes!

LazyBrats Hand Painted Aluminum Tea Kettle - Colorful, Quirky, Funky N Designer Naari Shakti Tea Pot For Home Decor - Can Be Used As Showpiece, Dinnerware Or Kitchenware

by LazyBrats
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  • Can be used for home decor, storage unit, planter, kitchenware, dinnerware, jewellery holder
  • Colorful Unique Quirky Hand Painted Design Will Grab Everybody's Attention
  • Hand Painted Using Safe & Non Toxic Colors

Product description

About LazyBrats

LazyBrats is a mystic brand based in the heart of India (Delhi). Despite our rapid growth, we have remained loyal to our original Quality and unique design, ease of ordering, and integrity. We deal in customized high-quality quirky gift items.

About This Product

Show off who is the ultimate boss of not only the kitchen but also the household with this innovative kettle, which just says it all! It is a perfect balance of innocence with aggression. This kettle can be used for multiple purposes like serving tea, planter, home decor, storing jewellery, lamp or serving cold juices. This kettle is perfect for gifting purpose for different occasions like birthday, anniversary, house warming etc. This makes it an ideal gift for parents, sister, girlfriend, wife and grandparents

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Michael Graves, a illustrious designer of quirky towers and museums and whimsical tea kettles and toasters, died on Thursday at the age of 80. Mr. Graves helped usher in an age of postmodernism in architecture, injecting flare, funk and ornamentation into 

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The Ruck, 104 Third St., Troy, 273-1872, >>. Cuisine: Funky, affordable bar cost with twists and specialties. Style: Hip, craft-beer The Whistling Kettle, 254 Broadway, Troy, 874-1938, >>. Cuisine

[Loose Music] Ass Over Tea Kettle - Out of Step (stems)

Out of Spoor (stems) by Ass Over Tea Kettle download: http://ccmixter. org/files/assoverteakettle/39100 License: CC0 (CC Zero) Tags: sample, media, bpm_105_110.

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Kobenstyle kettle IHQ Dansk
Kobenstyle kettle IHQ Dansk
Photo by planetutopia on Flickr
Significant Missouri Stop Human Trafficking Coalition Saves Lives
Significant Missouri Stop Human Trafficking Coalition Saves Lives
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Fancy a Day Year 2 100408 278/366 One year ago I had some chocolate.
Photo by rachel a. k. on Flickr
funky 70s teapot\/ tea kettle with enamel and geometric evil intent
funky 70s teapot\/ tea kettle with enamel and geometric evil intent
Image by
Tea Kettle, Orthographic Progressive Side View
Tea Kettle, Orthographic Progressive Side View
Funky mid-century enamel tea kettle
Funky mid-century enamel tea kettle
Image by

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