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Paula Deen Signature Tea Kettles Enamel on Steel Tea Kettle, 2 quart, Garden Rooster

by Meyer Corporation
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  • Coordinates with other Garden Rooster dinnerware and serve ware and also mixes and matches with cookware, pantry ware and other kitchenware from Paula Deen(r)
  • A convenient whistle feature sounds when the water is at the boil
  • Classic teakettle shape with a roomy, comfortable handle

Product description

Rising and shining is a joy and so is making and serving hot beverages and other kitchen delights when the water's on and in the Paula Deen(r) Signature 2-Quart Garden Rooster Teakettle. Add a delightful dash of Southern charm and color to kitchen countertops and stovetops with this teakettle from Paula Deen(r) in her whimsical Garden Rooster pattern. Featuring sturdy steel construction in a classic kettle shape, the kettle's easy-cleaning enameled exterior sports a colorful, charming motif of a rooster pecking around a country garden. The teakettle is ideal for heating water to make old-fashioned sweet tea for a family picnic, for serving mugs of hot chocolate on movie night, or to savor cups of fragrant peppermint tea on winter evenings. This attractive teakettle coordinates beautifully with more Garden Rooster tableware and kitchenware from Paula Deen(r) to create a cohesive look. The teakettle's comfortable handle provides a soft grip and the wide kettle mouth offers lots of room for a snug-fitting lid keeps hot steam safely inside wit. It's great for making instant oatmeal and other hot cereals on busy mornings, preparing a hot water bath for baking custard, or just sipping a cup of your favorite herbal tea to unwind at the end of the day. Take time for fresh coffee, hot cocoa and other cozy, warming beverages and snacks hearing water quickly and charmingly with the Paula Deen(r) Signature Teakettles 2-Quart Garden Rooster Teakettle.

Le Creuset Enamel-on-Steel Demi 1-1/4-Quart Teakettle, Cerise (Cherry Red)

by Le Creuset of America
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  • 1-1/4-quart whistling teakettle made of enamel-coated steel
  • Removable round-shaped lid with stay-cool phenolic lid knob
  • Heat-resistant, ergonomic handle locks into place for easy lifting and pouring

Product description

Le Creuset Enamel-on-Steel Demi 1-1/4-Quart Teakettle, Cherry

With classic and modern shapes, there's a Le Creuset kettle to fit into any kitchen design scheme. Also convenient to boil water for oatmeal or french press coffee, a Le Creuset kettle is an easy way to add a small dash of color to any kitchen.
  • Single-tone whistle alerts when water has reached a rolling boil
  • Generous base size for greater contact with heating element so water boils quickly
  • Convenient quick heating with superior heat distribution
  • Fixed whistle can be easily flipped open for pouring
  • Stainless steel handle brackets for secure handling
  • Heat-resistant ergonomic handle for safe pouring
  • Kettle capacity marked on the base for quick reference
  • Can be used on any heat source (gas, electric, ceramic, halogen, induction)
Heating tips

When filling the kettle with water, only fill water above the first layer of holes on the interior of the spout (see diagram on box for more information).

For efficient and safe boiling, always use burner a similar in size to the base of the kettle.

Cleaning and care

Do not bang the teakettle down onto a stove's surface or work surface. Repeated banging may damage the exterior enamel.

Do not place the kettle on the heat source without having water in the kettle. Never leave a teakettle simmering for long periods on any heat source; it may boil dry, which can result in overheating and damage to the base and enamel.

Do not leave water standing in a kettle when it is not in use. A buildup of scale may occur and reduce efficiency.

Before pouring from your teakettle, remove it from the burner and ensure the handle is in the upright position.

Le Creuset proudly uses heat-resistant plastic on our handles and whistles.

Never place in the dishwasher.To clean, simply hand-wash the kettle with hot, soapy water and dry thoroughly. A gentle kettle de-scaler may be used periodically if required.

Distinguishing itself from other Le Creuset demi kettles, this 1-1/4-quart vessel offers the added benefit of a whistle that communicates with a high-pitched tone when the water has reached its boiling point. Thanks to a carbon-steel core, heat conducts quickly and evenly. The pot's exterior features Le Creuset's renowned enamel coating providing a surface that not only looks lovely, but also wipes clean with a damp cloth. Additional features include a removable lid that fits tightly to trap in heat and a locking handle that facilitates safe pouring and transport. Although heat-resistant, the handle can get quite warm so oven mitts are recommended. Appropriate for heating sources ranging from gas and electric to radiant and ceramic, the stovetop teakettle will function in any household. Measuring 5-5/8 by 5-5/8 by 4-3/8 inches, the piece benefits from periodic de-scaling and should be hand washed. --Amy Arnold

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Le Creuset Tea Kettle Review article - Enamel Steel Whistling Tea Kettle


Accept to our Le Creuset Tea Kettle Review. The featured product today is the Le Creuset Whistling Enamel Steel Tea Kettle which comes in a variety of diffe.

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Corning Corelle Simple Lines 2.2qt Whistling Tea Kettle - 2.2 quart Kettle - Steel
Corning Corelle Simple Lines 2.2qt Whistling Tea Kettle - 2.2 quart Kettle - Steel

Home & Outdoor

This beautiful 2.2qt whistling enamel on steel teakettle is perfect for heating up water for your tea or instant coffee. This would also be a great addition to your collection.


Cuisinart CTK-EOS2W Peak Porcelain Enamel on Steel Tea Kettle, White
Cuisinart CTK-EOS2W Peak Porcelain Enamel on Steel Tea Kettle, White

Home & Outdoor

Teakettle has a porcelain enamel exterior on steel that heats up quickly and retains heat well.


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made with mdf, screws and enamel depict.
Photo by iane machado on Flickr
Enamel kettle, made by Hill and Son of Lye
Enamel kettle, made by Hill and Son of Lye
Photo by Black Country Museums on Flickr
Photo by Julia Manzerova on Flickr
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