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Cusimax BPA-free 1.7 L Electric Kettle Precise Temperature Control, Stainless Steel Water Kettle, Keep Warm Function, Auto Shut-off, CMWK-150S, 1500W

by Cusimax
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  • A kettle ideal for tea or coffee drinker. 4 preset different temperature settings - 104°F(40℃), 140°F(60℃), 176°F(80℃), 212°F(100℃) let you make perfect cup of tea, whether it be herbal, green, Japanese, black, white tea, etc.
  • The easy-pour spout comes with a removable filter keeping the water clean. Two water-lever windows provide a clear view of the amount of the water in the kettle.
  • Heat 7-cup of water in minutes with the convenience of auto shut off. KEEP WARM FUNCTION - Keep your water at your ideal temperature for up to 30 minutes at a time.

Product description

It allows you to brew variety of hot beverages at the right temperature - hot tea, instant coffees, oatmeal, hot chocolate, noodles and more. As a tea enthusiast, it suits all of your needs.

Make things easier

FAST cordless kettle, but it also has variable temperature settings. You can easily select the best temperature for your water (depending on the type of tea, or etc.), and the unit will keep the liquid at that temperature for up to 30 minutes. It's large, 7 cup capacity is very generous for your whole family.


Two water-lever windows provide a clear view of the amount of the water in the kettle, showing you exactly how much water is filled or left in it. 360° rotating base let you service at the table without particular direction request. It is design to work no matter at which angle you put it down. Easily lift it off the 360-degree rotating base without the cord and carry it where you need to.

Product Overview:

- 7-cup capacity

- 4 preset temperatures (104°F, 140°F, 176°F, 212°F)

- 30-minute Keep Warm function

- 1500 watts for fast heat-up

- 360° swivel cordless connector

- Stay-cool handle

- Removable/cleanable scale filter

- Auto shutoff and boil dry protection

- 120V~60Hz, 1500W

Hamilton Beach 40880 Stainless Steel Electric Kettle, 1.7-Liter, Silver

by Hamilton Beach
List price: $29.00 Price: $24.16 Buy Now

  • Auto shutoff with boil-dry protection
  • Cord-free serving
  • Faster than a microwave - safer than a stovetop kettle

Product description

Tea? Hot chocolate? Instant soup? If you have a taste for it, Hamilton Beach Kettles can have it ready in minutes. The powerful rapid-boil system provides fast heat-up from any standard outlet and the auto shutoff function helps keep kettles from boiling dry. Hamilton Beach Kettles are great looking and easy to use. Plus, most kettles include a 360-degree rotating or cordless base for easy serving. Hamilton Beach Kettles feature a stay-cool handle and drip-free spout that makes pouring easy.

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ARO1144: Experience the best way to boil with the Aroma hot H20 X-Press! With a press of the switch this electric kettle provides boiling water in a matter of minutes. The large 7-cup / 1.7-liter capacity is ideal for a variety of uses: hot tea, soups, instant coffees, oatmeal, hot chocolate, noodles, baby formula and more. Once water reaches a boil, the kettle will automatically shut off and lifts off its base for easy, cord-free pouring. The trigger-release opens the lid at the press of a button. A beautiful blue LED light indicates when the Hot H20 X-Press is in operation. And the elegant polished stainless steel finish looks great whether serving friends and family or simply sitting on the counter. Features: -Electric water kettle. -Electric hot-water kettle boils up to 1-1/2 liters at cup-a-minute speed. -360 degree swivel base for cordless pouring. -Shut off automatically after boiling. -Water-level indicator. -Comfortable stay-cool handle. -Nondrip spout. -Polished stainless-steel housing. -Removable, washable spout filter. -Dimensions: 6.6" H x 9" W x 9.3" D.


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tea kettles
tea kettles
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Best Feel discomfited Electric Tea Kettle
Best Feel discomfited Electric Tea Kettle
Best Electric Teakettles
Best Electric Teakettles
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  • truebebooks @truebe I got that one of them electric tea-kettles; they're the best.

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