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Happy Sales Japanese Cast Iron Tea Pot Tea Set /Dragon Black

by Happy Sales
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  • Hand cast iron teapot
  • Finished with a porcelain enamel interior
  • Great Gift IDEA

Product description

A lovely example of the traditional cast-iron teapots known in Japan as tetsubin, this pot with its delicate, hand-cast, raised design of a long-tailed dragon highlighted in black is not only prized as a collectible, but also brews 18 ounces of tea perfectly. Its interior is glazed in enamel, so it won't rust or corrode; nor will its stainless-steel infuser. To make soothing, full-flavored tea, simply spoon loose tea leaves into the infuser, pour on simmering water, and allow to steep for three to five minutes. The heavy cast-iron construction retains heat so well, it ensures second cups will still be hot. This Cast Iron tea pot set is in Brown color The set includes: 1 Tea Kettle (7" Dia. 2.75"H), 18 oz 4 Matching Tea Cups (3"Dia. 2"H) 1 Removable Stainless Steel Infusing Basket

1PCs 760ML Chinese Purple Clay Dragon Tea Pot Kettle Zisha Kung Fu Teapot Large Capacity-Brown

by LX
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  • Size:Long 16.5cm, Height 15.5cm
  • Capacity:760ML
  • Name:Dragon tea pot

Product description

Tips:Before you drinking the first time, clean up the stains in the teapot using pure water, and wipe the teapot with a clean cloth, and waiting to dry naturally. Then put it into clean water and let it boil for 5-10 minutes.

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Coming off his pivotal role as the dragon-slaying Bard the Bowman in The Hobbit sequels and as the villainous Shaw in Fast & Furious 6, Luke Evans may have been forced to humble a mulligan with last fall's Dracula Untold, but it hasn't slowed down his

MauiTime Weekly

MauiTime Weekly's Maui Date-book of Events | March 12-18th, 2015 03/11/15, via MauiTime Weekly

You will also get a luck to hear members of A Kettle Prime do their things; Peter Hamilton, Jonas Troxell, Tim Rausch & Russell Halverson. Show starts at 9pm. $5 cover, and 21 and over . Arable TO TABLE DINING – (Every Sat.) Feast on the abundant

Sims 3 Bandeau : Tea Kettle Steamers - Constant Surprises (COVER)


Sims 3 Bandeau: Tea Kettle Steamers Song: "Constant Surprises" by Little Dragon Produced by: loveloonstudio Film Company: LOVELOONproductions tumblr: http://lov.

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Epoca PCI-5228 Primula Cast Iron Teapot Green
Epoca PCI-5228 Primula Cast Iron Teapot Green

Home & Outdoor

In Japanese culture, a dragonfly symbolizes new beginnings and good fortune. So why not begin your day with a hot brewed cup of tea made in Primula's Myst Cast Iron Teapot Uniquely crafted, this exquisite teapot is a gorgeous green color accented with black ribbed lines and a black fold-down looped handle. The dragon fly adorns the side adding a distinctive allure to your pot. Cast iron teapots are designed to deliver exceptional brewed tea every time. They distribute heat more evenly, thereby extracting more of the tea leaves! - flavor during the brewing process. The cast iron design also traps the heat inside, keeping your tea hot for up to an hour. Primula's Myst Teapot has a removable lid and a short curved spout and comes with a loose tea mesh infuser that sits securely in the pot. The interior of this teapot is fully enameled which makes for easy care and cleaning, and helps prevent rust and oxidation. The Myst Teapot holds 28 oz and includes a packet of loose green tea so you can enjoy a flavorful cup as soon as you open the box.


Old Dutch 1014LR Red-Silver Cast Iron Nara Teapot 40 Oz.
Old Dutch 1014LR Red-Silver Cast Iron Nara Teapot 40 Oz.

Home & Outdoor

Unity Cast Iron "Nara" Teapot -Red and silver Finish. Graceful, elegant cast iron Tetsubin teapot decorated with a traditional dragon motif. Inspired by highly prized antique Japanese cast iron teapots still in use today. Features a black porcelain enamel interior coating that helps prevent rust Includes a stainless steel tea brewing basket for ease of preparation. For brewing and serving tea; Not intended for stovetop use. 40 oz. capacity. Hand wash. Depth: 8" Height: 8" Width: 10"


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Spearheaded by the same faction that brought us Kettle in Shangri-la and just ... opening of Chinese restaurant Crystal Dragon and Michelin star-awarded The Tasting Room at the Crown Towers, Nobu and the Nobu Tea Parlour, and 24-hour restaurants Noodle8 ...


  1. Dragon Pearls - Swiftly Rolled Chinese Green Tea Scented With ... Dragon Pearls is a Chinese na tea scented with jasmine flowers. Incredible as it seems, each of these pearls was hand-rolled.
  2. Visceral Silk Dragon Jasmine - Chinese Green Tea Naturally ... Coordinated Silk Dragon Jasmine is an organic flavored Chinese green tea naturally scented with jasmine flowers. Our Silk Dragon is a limited-edition treasure.
  3. Chinese Dragon In good shape (Long Jing) Green Tea from Canton Tea Co The trounce organic Long Jing (Dragon Well) Tea, a famous Chinese Green Tea, soft, sweet and nutty. Authentically grown, seasonal, full of essence.
Photo by Darkmoon Photography on Flickr
Viewminder Takes Tea
Viewminder Takes Tea
The blizzard is over but I espy myself immersed in a storm of another kind. I decided to quiet my soul this evening by brewing up some of my favorite tea in my favorite yixing set. It's the most meditative and relaxing way to divest oneself of b satirize tea. A guy who goes by the alias 'Frank' taught me how to make tea this way. He owns a tea shop in Chinatown. I'll keep the name secret for selfish reasons. Straight out of China and about seventy years old 'Explicit' dresses and looks like the Chinese version of Willie Nelson. When we drink tea he always plays country music. 'Frank' is my dealer. He got me addicted to this malarkey fifteen years ago. He gets this tea he got me hooked on... this really rare tea... it's called '509.' 'Frank' calls it 'The King's Tea.' Costs a two hundred bucks a pound. He doesn't keep it in the front of the store... you kinda gotta know 'Frank' if you want to score yourself some '509.' 'Unrestrained' sold me '409' outta the front of the store for a couple of years until...
Photo by Viewminder on Flickr
Kyichu chapel - monk and extinguisher
Kyichu chapel - monk and extinguisher
Photo by 10b travelling on Flickr
Sticks Tea Kettle & Press from Metrokane, Model: 9200
Sticks Tea Kettle & Press from Metrokane, Model: 9200
Gifted Puffing Dragon Whistling Tea Kettle
Gifted Puffing Dragon Whistling Tea Kettle
Image by www.qvc.com

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