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it was my collectible but never had the chance to used..brand new in the original box

Pour Over Tea / Coffee Gooseneck Kettle (Red) 1.2L with Thermometer 304 Stainless Steel for Barista or Home Brewing for all stoves with Silicone Teapot Coaster By Wonder Sky

by Wonder Sky
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  • SUPER ACCURATE THERMOMETER; designed with an easy read, super accurate thermometer to heat water to the perfect temperature for releasing flavour and aroma from your favourite coffee blends!
  • POUR OVER COFFEE KETTLE; want a premium, barista quality pour over coffee kettle for the freshest, aromatic coffees? Our Pour Over Coffee Kettle combines a professional, beehive design with accurate, easy read thermometer for the best Gooseneck Kettle on the market!
  • EASY HEAT DESIGN; large 1.2 litre capacity and corrosion resistant, 304 stainless steel construction with beehive shaped design for fast, even heating for use with most gas, electric and induction stoves!

Product description


Do you love the taste of fresh, perfectly brewed coffee?

Would you like a premium, barista quality gooseneck kettle with thermometer for accurate heating, for strong, rich flavor, every time?

If so, Wonder Sky's Pour Over Coffee Gooseneck Kettle is the perfect choice! Our Kettle is manufactured from the highest quality, 304 corrosion resistant stainless steel with heat resistant Bakelite handle, together with a professional beehive design for even, quick heating and a great, contemporary design to suit every kitchen!

Unlike other, cheaper gooseneck kettles, our Kettle has been designed with a super accurate, easy read thermometer allowing you to easily heat water to the perfect temperature and fully moisten coffee grounds with our angled gooseneck spout for even pouring without spills or splashes!

Our Pour Over Coffee Kettle is a premium, barista quality product with a number of key features:

- 304 corrosion resistant stainless steel design with heat resistant handle.
- Contemporary beehive design with gooseneck spout.
- Easy read, super accurate thermometer.
- Suitable for use with most induction, electric and gas stoves.
- Includes free heat resistant silicone pad and eBook with every kettle.

If you would like to prepare the freshest, barista quality coffee in your own home, our Pour Over Coffee Kettle is the perfect choice with a large 1.2L design, long gooseneck spout and easy read thermometer!

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