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Pfaltzgraff Winterberry Sculpted Teapot

by Pfaltzgraff
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  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Perfect for everyday use
  • Has a full collection of entertaining and serving pieces to complete your dining experience

Product description

Hand painted sculpted Winterberry 4 cup teapot will add a warm atmosphere to your holiday kitchen.

Winterberry’s classic holiday design brings the timeless motif of evergreens and holly berries to life in elegantly sculpted dinnerware pieces. White with hand-painted sprigs of holly and a thin green stripe along its top and bottom rims, this 4-cup sculpted teapot provides a charming way to serve tea. The teapot’s lid features a ring knob, while its generous handle is made separately and attached by hand to ensure a graceful, delicate shape. Ideal for entertaining or everyday use throughout the winter, the stoneware teapot measures 9 by 8-3/4 by 8-3/4 inches and is safe to use in the dishwasher, microwave, and freezer. Pfaltzgraff includes a five-year warranty against defects. --Catie Unger

Lenox Holiday Tea Kettle

by Lenox
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  • Crafted of enamel on steel
  • Backed by the Lifetime Lenox Guarantee
  • Handwash recommended

Product description

Introduced in 1974, the Lenox Holiday pattern became an instant classic, growing in popularity to become the #1 seasonal dinnerware in America. The iconic holly design combines with the legendary quality that only Lenox can offer to create a collection that has transcended generations to help make the most special time of year even more memorable. Best of all, this legendary collection is created by Lenox, America’s first name in home entertaining, known around the world for offering a unique combination of design artistry and superior quality for over 125 years. The confidence that Lenox has in the unmatched durability of every product they offer is backed by a lifetime breakage replacement policy to guarantee many years of enjoyment to each customer. The Holiday dinnerware holly and berries motif decorates the Holiday Tea Kettle. Crafted of sturdy aluminum, this lovely tea kettle has a carved wooden handle for ease of pouring. Add a touch of holiday decorating to your kitchen and your dinner table with the Holiday teakettle. Makes a wonderful gift.

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Flathead Beacon

Conjunction Officials: Glencore's Promises to Reopen Were 'A Sham' 03/12/15, via Flathead Beacon

Since then, a close-fisted handful of employees have remained on site to maintain the 800-acre facility, which sits on a 2,500-acre property at the base of Teakettle Mountain. For the time being, hundreds of laid-off workers have clung to the hope that the plant might

Vanity Fair

For Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer, The Din of Music Was Never ... 02/19/15, via Vanity Fair

In one go Andrews's kettle was pressed into service and the tea was brewed and poured, the two of them settled onto the couch in a suite to talk. . As she and Plummer munched their respective fractions of peanut-butter bar, they recalled A Princess Christmas.

Teavana and Cuisinart Thrilling Tea Kettle

My Teavana Christmas Presents I received :) Entertain leave comments below . Love to hear even the negative stuffs LOL :)

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The m tomato chutney...I could be killed for giving out this recipe

I don't imagine she realises the potential consequences but I'm a giver so I'm rolling with it. Mama is hanging up her apron for making this chutney, well so she said. She did say that last year and the year before that but she still gets tempted behindhand summer as the last of the tomatoes are needing using up. I've been making it with her for about 5 years now, and this time I did it all flying solo. Like when I shared mama's scones last month. This means is really best when the tomatoes are lovely and ripe, full of juice. We don't normally make it this early as the season isn't in full swing, but I got my hands on some tomatoes that fit the account and I also wanted to give some for christmas gifts to friends and family. There are two schools of thought, the first is Mamas, and that is that the quantities for the tomatoes, onions and apples above are brought and peeled, skinned, cored and the like and then made. I absolutely took the time to weigh what was taken off, like the onion peels, and the difference in weight was nearly 700g of skin. So, I brough 5kgs of tomatoes, 5 granny smith apples and 2kgs of onions and Euphemistic pre-owned 20ml more ezy sauce and a bit more of the powders, say 1/2 a tspn more of each. You also will need to taste it at the end for salt and pepper. It is better to taste it when cold, so put a spoon or two into the fridge and then taste it. Now lets get in to it. I profession methodically when making this chutney, doing one thing at a time. Now my way isn't the only way, I'm just telling you how I do it with the greatest of speed and keeping things clean as we go. I find it very important to have a untainted kitchen, an empty sink as you need room. I also have a small kitchen so it has to be this way otherwise I'm doomed from the get go. I start with the tomatoes first as they take the longest. You need to peel them and the easiest way I stumble on to do this at home is to empty out the vegie crisper from your fridge and use this. You need to start by coring and scoring your tomatoes. This helps the skin to come off easily once they have been covered with boiling not wash lavishly. Sprinkle the tomato and onion mix with the salt and give it a good stir. Here's a little tip we do but I don't quite know why it works. So, get 2 20c pieces and put in a cup and pour over boiling the best quality to sterilise them. So the family wives tale is that the coins stop the chutney from sticking. I've never had it stick, nor has Mama so I'm keeping the tradition. ), act as if get by sure you get them out and don't put them in someones chutney. Back to the sprinkling of the salt, ok now you have added the salt and the coins bring it up to a boil, on medium heat. Once it reaches the fume, add the saugar and ezy sauce and mix well. I use a rubber spatuala to get the sides of the pot clean after each stir, but you don't have to be as anal as me. Use a wooden spoon or a large stainless kitchen spoon (in carbon copy above on left balancing on the pot handle) as it needs to get down... I don't 100% trust the coin theory, you still need to stir every 5-10 minutes, just to secure sure. I used 17 of various sizes but more were on the smaller size. The ones I use are 400g or under, some even 250g. I personally prefer using smaller jars over eleemosynary ones like 700g jars, as then I can share it with more people and the chutney stays fresher rather than a huge amount to get through once the jar is... *Ezy-backchat is found in the supermarket in the isle with the condiments like tomato sauce and Worcestershire sauce. It is a sauce and condiment recipe mix and the ingredients listed are water, chow acid, ground black pepper, clove oil and chilli. When measuring out, make sure you give the stubbie a good tip upside down and up again to mix well. Mix the powders and cornflour together with a few tbspns of unsound, making sure to get any lumps out. Add the cornflour/curry mix to the chutney and stir in well. Let it bubble away for 5 minutes then put a few teaspoons worth in the fridge and taste. You may difficulty more salt, or some pepper or more curry. Last year I made a spicer batch, adding a few birdseye chilli's and only 1kg of sugar and it was lovely. I'm going to bottle up making this a few times a season, at least. I love the many requests I get for a jar, so don't feel like you have to put me out of a job. And to my family, please don't be cross. I have been using Ezi Sauce to make my tomato chutney.

Source: A gluttonous wife
Cosmos Gifts 10676 Christmas Fantasia Teapot
Cosmos Gifts 10676 Christmas Fantasia Teapot

Home & Outdoor

This gorgeous Porcelain Teapot with Holiday Color Doves and Flowers has the finest details and highest quality you will find anywhere! Porcelain Teapot with Holiday Color Doves and Flowers is truly remarkable.



lat_girls_ruffle_tshirt_2627 - zazzle_shirt
Christmas Tea Pot Kettle Botanical Holly Berry T-Shirt

zazzle_shirt by printabledigidesigns

Customize with any text


medium - zazzle_teapot

zazzle_teapot by myMegaStore

CHRISTMAS HOME GIFT TEA KETTLE WITH DRAWING OF SUGAR POWDERED COOKIES AND CHRISTMAS GINGER BREAD MAN. It is snowing sugar powder over the Star Christmas Cookies and the Gingerbread Man. Christmas cookies, with an assortment of powder cookies, star cookies, and a Gingerbread Man. Two of the...


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A dues to architect Michael Graves and the small-town life he embraced - 03/13/15, via Washington Post

In episode, Graves is so prevalent in the region, I unknowingly stayed at a Holiday Inn adjacent to ... you to an “Alice in Wonderland” tea party. I first became aware of Graves by way of his fanciful tea kettles featuring songbirds, whistles and spinners.

Jo Milne on joy of hearing and losing her field of view - 03/07/15, via The Scotsman

As the kettle boils, she fills the mugs on the worktop. We palaver about my train journey down the east coast from Edinburgh to Newcastle – she likes to come up for Christmas shopping. The tea bags are pulled out, the milk slooshed in. She passes me my mug ...

Cambridge's 11 top holiday-maker attractions - 03/07/15, via Cambridge News

Christmas Carol lovers in picky detail (as it's the setting for ... In 1897, a group of cheeky students asked the owner for a cup of tea and it went so well that over 100 years later they're still serving tea, encrust and light lunches in the orchard where ...


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tea kettle
tea kettle
Yes, I got a tea Kettle for christmas.....
Photo by Allie's.Dad on Flickr
Nicolle Steins (Choir, Drums, Gord Shaker, Chimes & Encumber Dancer) 23 Jun 2009; Phoenix. ARIZONA
Nicolle Steins (Choir, Drums, Gord Shaker, Chimes & Encumber Dancer) 23 Jun 2009; Phoenix. ARIZONA
MUSICOGRAPHY Here is a directory of all the DVD's Nicolle appears in, the most recent is on top.... Maastricht V aka Under the Stars #6 I Will Follow Him - Long overdue, Finally the entire choir was given the pin spot in front of the stage #7 Oh Happy Day Home For Christmas And The Waltz Goes On Fiesta Mexicana aka The World of André Rieu Roses From The South Maastricht 4 aka A Midsummer tenebrousness's Dream Live in Australia I lost my heart in Heidelberg #7 Rings the little bell - Choir, lending their voices to the melody Persist in Sydney 2009 #2 Carmen Overature - The Choir of Judity, Anne, Laura, Virgenie, Karin, & Nicolle all sing chorus & harmonize. This footage shows off the choir at their singing Subdue. #6 Gold & Silver Waltz - choir enhances this melody with their voices #7 Ben - Tribute to Michael Jackson & the Choir enhances this with their collective voices #14 I'm off to Chez Mot - choir enhance this melody with their voices + all the flirting with the...
Photo by ~BC~ on Flickr
Thriving to sleep at my grandma's house in the Winter is impossible without hot water bottles. One kettle is for tea, and one is for hot bots.
Photo by Nina J. G. on Flickr
Lenox Christmas Red-letter day Tea Kettle Wooden Handle
Lenox Christmas Red-letter day Tea Kettle Wooden Handle
Nikko Christmas Enamel on Screw up one's courage to the sticking point Tea Kettle, 2-Quart
Nikko Christmas Enamel on Screw up one's courage to the sticking point Tea Kettle, 2-Quart
Colorful Enamel Whistling Tea Kettle Christmas gifts
Colorful Enamel Whistling Tea Kettle Christmas gifts
  • Recipes
  • Hibiscus Tea Ingredients:hibiscus, ginger, sugar, lime juice, water
  • Stir Imbecile Kettle Corn Ingredients:popped popcorn, salt, sugar, vegetable oil
  • Almond Tea Cakes Ingredients:almond extract, almonds, baking powder, brown sugar, butter, almonds, egg whites, eggs, flour, lemon juice, milk, sugar, sugar
  • Mummy's Tea Bread Ingredients:baking soda, butter, cream of tartar, eggs, flour, salt, vanilla extract, walnut, water, sugar

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