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Chantal 40th Anniversary 2-Quart Enamel on Steel Teakettle, Orange

by Chantal-Dropship
List price: $50.00 Price: $39.90 Buy Now

  • Perfect for all cooktops; magnetic induction, electric stovetop and gas stovetop.
  • Single tone stainless steel whistle
  • Easy-clean enamel is guaranteed not to fade

Product description

Chantal commemorated its 40th year in business with this fashionable teakettle. This kettle’s ergonomic stay-cool handle fits comfortably in the hand for easy pouring while the wide flat bottom facilitates rapid boiling. Our easy-clean, high quality enamel, which is guaranteed not to fade. Enamel-on-Steel teakettles are made with magnetic carbon steel which means they will work on all cooktops INCLUDING magnetic induction. Enamel is also easy to clean and the color will not fade over time. 2 qt. functional capacity. Limited warranty. May require hand protection when using a gas or professional stove.

Chantal Classic Loop 1.8 Quart Teakettle, Brushed Stainless

by Chantal
List price: $48.61 Price: $48.58 Buy Now

  • Ergonomic cool-touch handle
  • 1.8-quart capacity, Brushed stainless body
  • Quick, even heat distribution: Flat base for maximum contact with the burner

Product description

Elegant, contemporary design and ingenious functionality make our Classic loop teakettle a favorite in the home and the design world. The brushed stainless loop teakettle garnered significant attention as well as highest honors when introduced to the market. A 2006 ADEX platinum award winner, this kettle received top marks for innovation, technological advancement, quality, aesthetics and value, which means it makes a really good cup of tea, beautifully. Crafted of heavy gauge stainless steel, this kettle’s ergonomic handle fits comfortably in the hand for easy pouring, and its pleasant whistle reminds us why we like tea so much. Chantal's stainless steel teakettles are made using premium 18/8 steel which is so pure it is free of any magnetic elements. As a result these kettles are perfect for any stovetop except magnetic induction. 1.8-qt. functional capacity. Limited warranty. Brushed stainless.

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Chantal Cookware Keeps Your Tea Kettle Whistling 07/18/09, via The Consumerist (blog)

After two years, the whistle on Ruby's Chantal Cookware Livestrong teakettle when all is said gave up its zest for life. Chantal Cookware's cleaning recommendations couldn't revive the ailing whistle, so Ruby resigned herself to buying a unscathed new kettle

Engaging the temperature of tea kettles 01/16/14, via Chicago Tribune (blog)

Cozying up in an armchair with a steaming cup of tea and a record may sound like the best way to waste away a Sunday afternoon this month. Step one would be to buy the perfect teakettle so you can make the steaming cup of tea. If you haven't shopped for

Chantal Enamel-On-Sword Harmonica Tea Kettle - every stovetop should have one

8 Qts of tea kettle goodness. Will endure for decades.

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Charming the temperature of tea kettles - Chicago Tribune (blog)

Cozying up in an armchair with a steaming cup of tea and a publication may sound like the best way to waste away a Sunday afternoon this month. Step one would be to buy the perfect teakettle so you can make the steaming cup of tea. There are now rows upon rows of kettle choices, and if you aren't all set for your shopping trip, you're bound to be overwhelmed. Tea experts weighed in on which kettles are best for different tea experiences. Electric kettle. The British style is known for being inclination, elegant and classic, and this is the kettle that you'll see if you walk into most British homes. "The electric kettle is faster, easier and safer — and it turns off by itself," said Sam Ramahi, owner of Coffee Tree & Tea Leaves. The charged kettles tend to be made out of plastic, so they won't be hot to the touch, as many regular kettles are. Another feature that most electric kettles tend to have is a water ascertainment on the side, so you can see exactly how many cups you're pouring. Buy this one: Proctor Silex K2070Y 1 Liter Electric Kettle, $16 at amazon. And there's nothing worse than the jarring whistle or squeal of a kettle alerting you that your tea is on to be brewed — unless you get the Chantal Classic Steel Teakettle, which lets out a harmonic whistle that's meant to sound like a calm,... The handle gets hot, but the kettle comes with a control mitt, and this is one of the more beautiful kettles on the market. Buy this one: Chantal Whistling Tea Kettle, $100 at williams-sonoma. Temperature gauge kettle. Sometimes, tea or coffee needs to be brewed at a explicit temperature (that temperature is specified on the brewing directions) to taste just right. If you are a tea connoisseur — or if you wish to become one — you'll want to grab this teakettle, Braze said. The porcelain-enamel alien and the iron-core interior also help the kettle retain heat at the temperature you desire. Buy this one: Cuisinart PerfecTemp Cordless Electric Kettle, $90 at bestbuy. Barometer kettle. Glass is inert, so it won't add or detract anything from the tea, allowing you to sip your tea in its purest form, said Bill Todd, one of the owners of Todd & Holland Tea Merchants. The only downside to a mirror kettle is that it can break easily if not placed gently back on the stove — but it you are careful, this is the kettle to get if you are making expensive tea and want to taste the nuances within the flavor. Stainless steel kettle. This is the most clich kettle in the United States. If you prefer to use one without an oven mitt, look for a kettle that's insulated with silicon or another heat-resistant material. Although stainless steel isn't the most natural material (the higher the grade of stainless, the better), Todd said, it's fine for an average cup of tea, and it's perfect for black tea. Buy this one: Oxo Good Grips Uplift Tea Kettle, $50 at bedbathandbeyond.


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I was recently given the time to review a wonderful piece of cookware from Chantal, the 11 inch... Save the Date: Alexandria Boutique Warehouse Sale Saturday, Feb 4 Look for the Alexandria Boutique Warehouse Sale this Saturday, February 4 (9am-4pm ...

Chantal 2-Quart Stainless Screw up one's courage to the sticking point Tea Kettle - 12/20/14, via

As one of its ordinary deals, offers the Chantal 2-quart Stainless Steel Rise Tea Kettle, model no. SL37-RISE, for $20 plus $5 for shipping. That's the lowest total figure we could find by $25. It features an ergonomic plastic handle with a trigger ...

Record of an Immigrant - 01/18/14, via The Province

I am paying $18 to reservation – twice. You can pay for the toothpaste. 3. Do not boil the kettle 45 times a day; sometimes for no reason. Your tea habit should not be costing me hundreds of dollars in electricity. And your weird fixed idea with boiling kettles ...


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Chantal Noose Tea Kettle (Enamel-on Steel Teakettle) - Chili Red-1.8 ...
Chantal turquoise tea kettle by kat.hernandez.710
Chantal turquoise tea kettle by kat.hernandez.710
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  • Katydidnot @hillarywith2Ls I do have one, but it rusted uncommonly quickly. Chantal tea ball kettle and Staub have lasted much longer.

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