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Chantal Stainless Steel Classic Teakettle, 1.8 Quart

by Chantal
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  • Can be used on ceramic, glass, and induction stovetops
  • 1-4/5-quart capacity; durable stainless-steel body and components
  • Aluminum core sandwiched within flat bottom for efficient heat conduction

Product description

Get a classic look that sings with the Chantal Classic Polished Stainless Tea Kettle. With its exclusive two-tone Hohner harmonica whistle, this tea kettle offers a bit of fun while serving up your favorite beverage. Featuring smooth, flat base, ergonomic handle and 1.8 quart capacity, you can serve a crowd, quickly, easily and with finesse.

This solidly built, classic-looking teakettle says you're serious about your tea. The bright stainless-steel finish makes the kettle an eye-pleasing focal point on the stovetop. Even more of an attention-getter is the two-tone harmonica whistle--an amusing reminder to the household that the water is boiling and ready to pour. The flat aluminum base ensures that water heats quickly, and the lid with its black rubber gasket keeps the heat in. The boldly curved metal handle and other metal parts can get quite warm, so use a potholder when picking the kettle up and flipping up the whistle. The lid opening is large enough to make cleaning easy. --Dale Steinke

Chantal Classic Loop 1.8 Quart Teakettle, Brushed Stainless

by Chantal
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  • Ergonomic cool-touch handle
  • 1.8-quart capacity, Brushed stainless body
  • Chantal stainless steel teakettles are perfect for all stove types, EXCEPT induction.

Product description

Elegant, contemporary design and ingenious functionality make our Classic loop teakettle a favorite in the home and the design world. The brushed stainless loop teakettle garnered significant attention as well as highest honors when introduced to the market. A 2006 ADEX platinum award winner, this kettle received top marks for innovation, technological advancement, quality, aesthetics and value, which means it makes a really good cup of tea, beautifully. Crafted of heavy gauge stainless steel, this kettle’s ergonomic handle fits comfortably in the hand for easy pouring, and its pleasant whistle reminds us why we like tea so much. Chantal's stainless steel teakettles are made using premium 18/8 steel which is so pure it is free of any magnetic elements. As a result these kettles are perfect for any stovetop except magnetic induction. 1.8-qt. functional capacity. Limited warranty. Brushed stainless.

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Cookware, bakeware and other Nautical galley goods will be up for grabs, as well as holiday gifts such as tea kettles, snack trays and mugs. The company's new Memory Collection, composed of purple kitchenware, the stiff color of Alzheimer's awareness, also 

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Finish: Chili Red Classic Tea Kettle This classic teakettle rocketed to popularity when introduced over 25 years ago. The accolades continue for this timeless Chantal original, sure to remain a design icon and home favorite for the foreseeable future. Crafted of colorful enamel on steel, the immediately recognizable shape and characteristic stainless steel handle say its Chantal. Featuring an exclusive two-tone Hohner Harmonica whistle, this kettle doesnt just whistle it sings! The smooth, flat base creates maximum contact for rapid boiling, and the extra-large opening allows for easy cleaning and handling. Like all Chantal's standard-size kettles, this classic teakettle boasts a functional capacity of 1.8 quarts. Chantal teakettles are perfect for all stove types, including induction.


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  1. Classic Teakettle - Chantal Corporation Customize your scullery by adding a hint of color! Our Classic Teakettle rocketed to popularity when introduced 30 years ago. The accolades continue for this timeless ...
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