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FRUIT INFUSER Water Bottle Tumbler with a Lid | 100% BPA FREE | Our Best Infusion Bottles for Infused Fruit, Smoothies, Tea, and Coffee | Double Walled Mug, Hot & Cold (13.5 Ounces, Yellow)

by Teami Blends
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  • UNIQUE & EXCITING SECRET COMPARTMENT! Another feature unlike anything else you've ever seen, more than just infusers, our INSULATED travel bottles let you store your tea, coffee, vitamins, and more in the EXTRA STORAGE SPACE at the bottom of the tumbler! A great extra feature that other infuser bottles just don't have. Total convenience in a Fashionable tumbler!
  • BPA FREE & ECO FRIENDLY! No need to worry, NO HARSH CHEMICALS, NO PLASTIC TASTE in your infused drink with us! We use only HIGH QUALITY and FDA Approved food grade materials that are DISHWASHER SAFE. GUARANTEED satisfaction inside 90 days or your Money back.
  • NEW HASSLE FREE MESH STRAINER! Our unique filtering design is unlike anything else on the market. Developed from scratch, ours permits you to pull the simple and EASY TO USE stainless steel screen housing out for easy infusions of any kind. Gives you the power to throw your teas, fruit, citrus, or other goodies inside, put it all back together, and that's it! Oh yeah, and because of the new design it's SUPER EASY TO CLEAN

Product description

Teami Tumbler is for every person who wants to keep drinks their way, who wants to have an easy way to make infusions on-the-go, but can't find the right container for the job.

Here's a huge problem you face right now. It's picking the right container to fit your needs, one that's not going to break or leak. But that's not the end of your problems with mixing great drink infusions.
What makes this even worse is the fact that almost ALL of the options out there are breakable glass, leak, or simply have no fashion sense! Which means that anytime you want to take your tumbler with you it could break or you risk the mess of a leaky container. Yuck! Not to mention making you look bad. No!
Even worse, many infusion connoisseurs can't get past the idea that glass is better makes drinks taste better, but that's just not always true.
All this can make trying to just quickly throw in your loose leaf tea, coffee, or other infusion and go a nightmare! But luckily for you, there's now a solution with our Teami Tumbler!
So, if you're a person who wants to be able to make your infusion without hassle and who really wants an easy way to make infusions on-the-go, Teami Tumbler is the answer you've been looking for!
There's no time like the present! Click ADD TO CART and be just *two days away from enjoying the best decision you’ve ever made to finally get an infuser bottle that will afford you the lifestyle you want and deserve. – Why wait? Order Now!
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Hamilton Beach 40885 Stainless Steel Electric Kettle, 1.7-Liter, Red

by Hamilton Beach
List price: $34.99 Price: $31.99 Buy Now

  • Easy-Pour spout for no-mess pouring
  • 1500 watts - faster than a microwave - safer than a stovetop kettle
  • 1.7 Liters / 7.2 Cups

Product description

Tea? hot chocolate? instant soup? if you have a taste for it, Hamilton beach kettles can have it ready in minutes. The powerful rapid-boil system provides fast heat-up from any standard outlet and the auto shutoff function helps keep kettles from boiling dry. Hamilton beach kettles are great looking and easy to use. Plus, most kettles include a 360-degree rotating or cordless base for easy serving. Hamilton beach kettles feature a stay-cool handle and drip-free spout that makes pouring easy.

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One lives off the grid in woods near Lake Superior 03/17/15, via USA TODAY

"It's not like I could say in all objectivity this is how I dreamed of growing up," Victoria Jungwirth said, standing by the stove, heating water for tea. "I didn't even really distinguish this was possible. I imagined myself more as a farming and a homesteading


The Best Spots for an Irish Breakfast in San Francisco 03/17/15, via thebolditalic

To me, this is what makes or breaks a convincing breakfast — that and a really nice cup of tea. So as an Irish girl who makes her home in Copper Kettle even serves mini Irish breakfasts if the regular-sized one seems overpowering. If it's a little late

Tea Kettle vs Charged Kettle

http://ForknPlate. com Over out our YouTube Channel. http://www. com/ForknPlate If.

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One lives off the grid in woods near Lake Superior - USA TODAY

A handful of lives off the grid in woods near Lake Superior ISHPEMING, Mich. — Winter is already hard in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Gather going through it while living off the land, off the grid and often stranded by the weather. Imagine doing so for years, and Check out this story on USATODAY. ly/1MHp1az Imagine current through it while living off the land, off the grid and often stranded from the weather. Imagine doing so for years and being thankful that you can. "Imagine living in a dream you've had your whole viability, literally and figuratively a dream," John Jungwirth, who along with his wife calls this isolated place home. "It's really nice to inhabit your dreams. He and his woman, Victoria, live in a log cabin in a mountainside forest in the northern wilds of the Upper Peninsula. The only way to get to the cabin is to hike awhile through the woods. They own Ishpeming Birchbark Canoes. They establish traditional wood canoes at home by hand the way the Ojibwa Indians of the region did hundreds of years ago, a skill that comes easy because they live the way those tribes did back then, too. He tolerated burg life only until he got out of high school when he moved north of the city to a part of the state Michigan residents dub he Thumb, where he lived and worked on a smallholding. She came to the farm from England, where she'd been raised in a little town in Suffolk. That country upbringing gave her a sense of self-sufficiency, and this organic let out she'd heard about in the Michigan countryside sounded like a great place to be. "I grew up in postwar England," said the 59-year-old in a still-thick English highlight. "My parents had lived through the war. They grew their own food. The two got married, pulled out a map of the Upper Peninsula, picked the place farthest from the roads, bought come there, found a clearing and set out to build a cabin using only hand tools and the trees around them. It was a lot more work than they expected. "You think you're going to build the cabin in one year," John Jungwirth said. While they worked, they lived in an old trailer set in a valley. The outcome of all that effort became a two-story, weatherproof, Scandinavian-style cabin that's withstood 30 years of harsh Upper Peninsula winters and stayed crammed. They raised and homeschooled two sons in that cabin, including one who was blind yet so attuned to his surroundings he could find his way through the woods in the darkness of night easier than every one else could in the daytime. "They were naked for probably the first five years of their life," John Jungwirth said. just running around, man. The kids moved out fancy ago, first to college to earn degrees, then to nearby Upper Peninsula towns. That has left the Jungwirths the way they started — together, all alone, in the wilderness. "It's not like I could say in all disinterestedness this is how I dreamed of growing up," Victoria Jungwirth said, standing by the stove, heating water for tea. "I didn't even really know this was possible. I imagined myself more as a agronomy and a homesteading type, but not actually living in the wilderness. "But now that I'm here, I absolutely love it," she said. "I couldn't imagine going anywhere else. 'This is real civilization'. This was always Ojibwa land, long before the settlers came. One day John Jungwirth heard of a tribal ceremony taking place nearby. It wound up changing his entity. "I just kept quiet for the first year or two, until you slowly get in. Then I found out I can hang out with these elders if I learned the language — that was the price of admission. I said, 'Man, I'd learn coagulate decorating to hang out with these folks. He was fascinated by their lore and their history, and he marveled at their ability to live off the land. "I just fell in love with this," John Jungwirth said. "I was like, 'Oh my God, this is essential culture. This is like a direct oral history all the way to the Stone Age,' and that's really exciting to me, that kind of mindset that really helps with my whole picture of living the humanitarian of life I like. The Ojibwa elders admired the austere lifestyle of this cheerful white hippie who suddenly appeared in the woods, living like their ancestors did. "They would always say, 'Boy, you're more Indian than any of us,' " John Jungwirth said. They taught him how to run himself in the lodge, how to take care of the sacred fire, how they believed the stones and.


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Washington arranged to tourist - 03/16/15, via China Daily

Recommended by Secluded Planet as the world's No 1 destination for Best of Travel 2015 and the "coolest destination ... hotels within this program will also provide Chinese-style breakfast and tea, charged kettles, slippers and dental kits, as well as ...

Are Cambridge companies spending too divers pennies - 03/02/15, via Cambridge News

Tea and bathroom rolls are a bigger business expense than you ... Yet almost a third of bosses (32 per cent) confess they don't always shop around to get best value for bread, meaning many could be squandering thousands of pounds a year because they don ...

Kettles will be boiling for sound cause at Arbury Inner Wheel - 02/27/15, via talktalk

Members of the order will be on hand throughout the morning and they hope to see as many people as possible. Tea, coffee and cakes will be on offer during the event. Not only that, there will also be a bric-a-brac stall for people to buy a be prepared for or two.


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Pre-eminent Missouri Stop Human Trafficking Coalition Saves Lives
Pre-eminent Missouri Stop Human Trafficking Coalition Saves Lives
The Cardinal Missouri Stop Human Trafficking Coalition recently stepped in to support me as a trafficking survivor of, and radical activist & investigator of the local youngster sex trade involving male politicians, the husbands of female politicos, lawyers, and local nurses, physicians & surgeons. All of which pretty much are considered politicians in this enclosure. I was an autistic child female prodigy back when being autistic was being 'retarded' and my savant syndrome was just me being a 'broken record'. I overcame my offenders vis the U.S. Naval Information Special Warfare tactics my autistic savant father learned as a Navy specialist during Vietnam. I always viewed other suffering children as little P.O.W.'s and was robust disciplined in the 'Leave No Man Behind' mantra. So I've been creating almost painless, and invisible exits for trafficking children for decades. I only recently went projected as an autistic savant/prodigy when I lost a kid, Matthew A. Nestle due to police...
Hot soup and philanthropic elephants
Hot soup and philanthropic elephants
* the rank of self-reliance is a feeling some people would happily die for ... Ricky and Julian did lunch last Wednesday. It was our first, self-conceived, self-financed, and self-powered popup soup pantry. ... I was in a talk by a local homeless charity the other week - just by chance - and I was irritated. The charity [I won't name it as they all work like this, and they *are* doing the best they can right now - no point picking at faults until we have a decorously thought out integrated solution ready to go to offer as an improvement, I feel] is one of the front-line staging posts working with the local council accommodation service [sham] to feed poorly housed types "the [legally] homeless" [like me if I chose to ask them for their "help" - I don't; gave up extensive ago] into the available [chronically unavailable] relief [abusive - and only available temporarily and then they kick you out again, and you go through the whole system all over again, and again, and...
Photo by Julian Partridge on Flickr
Marukyu Koyama En #45
Marukyu Koyama En #45
--- Photographer: Christian Kaden (Germany) Website: - Private Rating: ***** City: City not available Country: Country not available METADATA Camera: Canon EOS 60D Lens Type: 17-70mm Revelation: 1/40 Sek. bei f/3,5 Exposure Bias: 0 EV Focal Length: 31 mm ISO: 1000 no flash uncropped Lightroom number of edits: 9 IMG_7343.JPG Google Maps Unite
Photo by Christian Kaden on Flickr
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