Above Ground Swimming Pool

$25 MAIL-IN-REBATE & FREE 15,000 GALLON WINTER CLOSING KIT WITH PURCHASE OF LEAF NET! Made from durable knitted polyethylene Includes cable and winch to tighten cover to pool Pool Size: 24' ft Round / Cover Size: 27' ft Round If your pool is located near trees or collects rotting leaves and debris all fall, a leaf catcher is the solution! Simply lay the Leaf Net on top of your pool in the fall, then lift off when trees are bare; your winter cover will be virtually free of leaves next Spring! Saves you time and the hassle of dealing with a swamp on your pool cover! Essential for wooded areas, our leaf net cover will catch leaves and debris before they fall into your pool. The leaf net cover can be used whenever your pool is not in use or in early fall. Our leaf net cover is also good to use over your winter cover to catch leaves while allowing water to pass through. Simply remove the cover before the first snowfall to make for an easy spring clean up. Warranty - 2