Fishing Underwater

01.Single LED 1.5W with 6 LED insides, total 9W super brightness. 02.Bronze housing materials, 100% anti-corrosion. 03.Standard 1/2 NPT thread type, connected with 78.74 inch cable. 04.Connected with waterproof connector in order to easy installation, no drilling hole are needed, just screw it into the holes on your boat. 05.Waterproof: IP68. 06.Color: Blue. 07.Connect to 12-24V battery or power sources only. 08.Current working750MA. Luminous Flux 650 Lm. 09.Emitting Angle of Peak: 120 degree. 10.Remark: Lights are for underwater use only, do not operate it out of water. 11.Color: Red. Notice: 01.Standard NPT joint can be easily intalled by your hands. 02.Please use the light under the water and the test output must be DC12-24V. If not, the light will shut off in a few minute as it is overheated design. 03.Please don't use any tools (like pliers and knife) to intalls the light as it may destroy the protecitve layer. 04.Please dont press the outgoing bulke or shake the wire hardly, or it will damage the driver.