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Charles Lindbergh

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"Lindbergh Does It!" declared The Times front page headline, on May 22, 1927 after Charles Lindbergh's historic solo flight from New York to Paris. split Lindbergh, it was reported, "ate only one and a half of his five sandwiches" during the flight and "fell asleep at times but quickly awoke." Along with "a corps of frantic newspaper men," a Times reporter tracked the aviator down at the American Embassy in Paris at 2:30 in the morning. "Attired in a pair of Ambassador Herrick's pajamas, he sat on the edge of a bed and talked of his flight," The Times reported. Despite the time, Lindbergh asked for a bath and a glass of milk and described his journey. "I flew as low as 10 feet in some places and as high as 10,000 in others," he said. "I passed no ships in the daytime, but at night I saw the lights of several ships, the night being bright and clear."Lindy is seen here with the Spirit of St. Louis just before flying into the history books.