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Almost Honest

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Kelley decided to title the album Almost Honest because, he says, "a lot of these songs are about what people don't say to each other." The chorus of the captivating title song goes to the bruised heart of the matter, culminating in the lines, "In the evenings raise a glass and tell some lies / Make a pass, impress another girl, she's easy on the eyes / She was easy, and so was I." Josh elaborates: "So it's basically this guy-could be me-who's living a lifestyle where he gets lonely, and he lives to impress women. So you tell lies, and most of the time you're almost honest, sometimes to get what you want and sometimes to not hurt somebody's feelings. You temper the truth a bit because sometimes things are better left unsaid. But I'm not gonna hold a filter in front of my mouth for the rest of my life. You can't do that-you'll drive yourself mad. I'm just gettin' back to the gospel; gettin' back to the truth. or maybe it's almost the truth."