Where Do These People Live

Last Stop on Market Street

by G.P. Putnam's Sons Books for Young Readers
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Winner of the 2016 Newbery Medal
A 2016 Caldecott Honor Book
A 2016 Coretta Scott King Illustrator Honor Book

A New York Times Book Review Notable Children's Book of 2015
A Wall Street Journal Best Children's Book of 2015

Every Sunday after church, CJ and his grandma ride the bus across town. But today, CJ wonders why they don't own a car like his friend Colby. Why doesn’t he have an iPod like the boys on the bus? How come they always have to get off in the dirty part of town? Each question is met with an encouraging answer from grandma, who helps him see the beauty—and fun—in their routine and the world around them.
This energetic ride through a bustling city highlights the wonderful perspective only grandparent and grandchild can share, and comes to life through Matt de la Pena’s vibrant text and Christian Robinson’s radiant illustrations.

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“I find it so easy to forget / that I’m just a girl who is expected / to live / without thoughts.”

Opposing slavery in Cuba in the nineteenth century was dangerous. The most daring abolitionists were poets who veiled their work in metaphor. Of these, the boldest was Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda, nicknamed Tula. In passionate, accessible verses of her own, Engle evokes the voice of this book-loving feminist and abolitionist who bravely resisted an arranged marriage at the age of fourteen, and was ultimately courageous enough to fight against injustice. Historical notes, excerpts, and source notes round out this exceptional tribute.

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Budget 2015: what welfare changes did George Osborne announce, and what ... 07/08/15, via New Statesman

It hasn't been outlines what these vulnerable and hard cases are, but the clear danger of this policy is forcing young people to live with abusive parents/households they would prefer to escape for reasons of safety and wellbeing. Crisis, the homeless


These people totally changed course to find happiness 07/09/15, via Today.com

Some dream of quitting their jobs and traveling across the country or sailing across the world. But too often, they tell themselves they have too many responsibilities—work, school, kids, aging parents. Yet, some people manage to live their dreams

These people will actually live on Mars


Five Britons have been shortlisted for a one-way trip to Mars as they hope to become the first humans to step foot on the Red Planet. Report by Claire Mewse.


Where did all the good people go?

Where did all the good people go?

Published by AuthorHouse 2014

ISBN 9781491866696,1491866691
66 pages

Would it not put fear in your heart to know you could only talk to your mother or father through an interpreter? Wrong is wrong, and right is right! Most of us are guilty of wrong, but our story is not over. Some can walk upright and praise his name but still be sick in the spirit. I can only imagine the fear of knowing you can only talk to the Creator through an interpreter. I could not bring myself to bear witness to such an atrocity. Though I must admit, if that is what helps you to understand the blessings of heaven, then so be it. Love is love, no matter the language, and so shall hate be the same. No. It’s truly hard for them to see tomorrow’s sun shining through. They know at any moment the raft of Christ shall return. They must get as many soldiers as possible to fight for these...

Budget 2015: what welfare changes did George Osborne announce, and what ... - New Statesman

When the Chancellor stood up to make his speech about the Budget, most people watching were waiting for the welfare section. The government's toughest and most terrifying plan is to cut the welfare budget by £12bn, and ministers have left us (and, probably for a time, themselves) guessing about how specifically they will make these cuts. George Osborne gave us a pretty good idea in his Summer Budget announcement, and the new measures he has announced are overtly ideological. He referred to claiming benefits as a lifestyle choice ("the benefits system should not support lifestyles and rents that are not available to the taxpayers who pay for that system") and framed his benefits changes with the mantra: "The best route... – a slower pace of welfare cuts than pledged in the Tory manifesto. Here are his main welfare announcements:. A "youth obligation" for those aged 18-21 that says they must either earn or learn, rather than going straight onto benefits after finishing school. These young people will participate in an "intensive regime of support from day one" of their benefit claim", and after six months will be expected to apply for an apprenticeship or traineeship, gain work-based skills, or go on a mandatory work... Scrapping the automatic entitlement to housing benefit for 18-21 year olds (with exceptions for the vulnerable and "other hard cases"). It hasn't been outlines what these vulnerable and hard cases are, but the clear danger of this policy is forcing young people to live with abusive parents/households they would prefer to escape for reasons of safety and wellbeing. Crisis, the homeless charity, predicts that this suspension of housing benefit will result in an increase in homelessness. Its chief executive Jon Sparkes comments: "Under-25s already make up a third of homeless people and there is a real danger these changes could make things even worse. For many young people, living with their parents simply isn’t an option. New Employment and Support Allowance claimants in the will have their claims aligned with the Job Seekers' Allowance rate. The ESA is the benefit that replaced the Incapacity Benefit, and provides for people who are ill or disabled and unable to work. There are two categories: support, and work-related activity. The latter group is when you have regular assessments and are considered capable of work at some point in the future, or beginning to move into work immediately. Reducing ESA (WRAG) to the Job Seekers' rate is a 30 per cent cut, and will hit claimants who are unable to work. Restricting tax credits and Universal Credit to two children for families who have a third or subsequent child after April 2017. This is another measure that will hurt the poorest families. The children's charity, Children's Society, says: "The announcement to limit child tax credits to two children is effectively a two child policy for the poorest families. Here’s the full welfare section of George Osborne’s 2015 Budget speech: For Britain is home to 1% of the world’s population. and yet pays out 7% of the world’s welfare spending. Welfare spending is not sustainable and it crowds out spending on things like education and infrastructure that are vital to securing the real welfare of the people. capped benefits for out of work families. Universal Credit will transform the lives of those trapped in welfare dependency and deliver real social justice – it’s the result of the herculean efforts of my RHF the Work and Pensions Secretary. But to live within our means as a country and better protect spending on public services, we need to find at least a further £12 billion of welfare savings. First, the welfare system should always support the elderly, the vulnerable and disabled people. We will honour the commitments we made to uprate the state pension by the triple lock and protect the other pensioner benefits. In the last Parliament we increased payments to the most disabled people and we will not tax or means-test disability benefits.

Source: www.newstatesman.com
Almost Honest
Almost Honest


Kelley decided to title the album Almost Honest because, he says, "a lot of these songs are about what people don't say to each other." The chorus of the captivating title song goes to the bruised heart of the matter, culminating in the lines, "In the evenings raise a glass and tell some lies / Make a pass, impress another girl, she's easy on the eyes / She was easy, and so was I." Josh elaborates: "So it's basically this guy-could be me-who's living a lifestyle where he gets lonely, and he lives to impress women. So you tell lies, and most of the time you're almost honest, sometimes to get what you want and sometimes to not hurt somebody's feelings. You temper the truth a bit because sometimes things are better left unsaid. But I'm not gonna hold a filter in front of my mouth for the rest of my life. You can't do that-you'll drive yourself mad. I'm just gettin' back to the gospel; gettin' back to the truth. or maybe it's almost the truth."


what can we do practical ways your youth ministry can have a global conscie
what can we do practical ways your youth ministry can have a global conscie

Media > Books

New 0310670357 BRAND NEW! ! MULTIPLE COPIES AVAILABLE. NEW CONDITION! ! 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! ! BUY WITH CONFIDENCE! WE SHIP DAILY! ! EXPEDITED SHIPPING AVAILABLE. Too often these days, youth hear about global issues such as poverty, human trafficking, and HIV/AIDS, but they don't get practical suggestions on how they can make a positive impact on these problems. The reality is, today's students will be leading the way in the workforce, ministries, and education in a few short years. If they begin to understand their connection to the global community today, just imagine the way they could contribute to improving these issues in future years. What Can We Do? offers youth workers an overview of pressing global issues, along with realistic, practical ways their youth ministries can respond. By helping teens understand how their faith intersects with the struggles around the world, these youth groups can have a lasting, worldwide influence. Respected educators and youth ministry veterans Dave Livermore and Terry Linhart give youth workers a thoughtful, deep perspective on the pressing issues facing the world today, while also offering creative solutions for youth groups to get involved and impact the lives of people all around the world. Editorial ReviewsAbout the AuthorDavid Livermore (PhD, Michigan State University) is president and partner of the Cultural Intelligence Center in East Lansing, Michigan, and author of several books, including Leading with Cultural Intelligence and Serving with Eyes Wide Open. He is a visiting research fellow at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore and has consulted with and trained leaders in one hundred countries across the Americas, Africa, Asia, and Australia. davidlivermore. comTerry Linhart (PhD, Purdue University) is Chair of the Religion and Philosophy Department at Bethel College, Indiana where he teaches ministry-related courses. His research and writing has focused on missions, evangelism, multicultural...



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11oz Mug - I want to live in a world

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Angel Paw Animal Advocacy is a Facebook page to inform, educate and raise awareness in support of companion animals. Proceeds from this store will be donated to shelters, rescues and animals in need.


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Jersey Girl Poster

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The top ten things that make me a JERSEY GIRL!


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Lincoln Nebraska - 07/10/15, via Daily Kos

6 AM Central Daylight Time, 10 July 2015, Lincoln Nebraska, 130 + years and many decades from where I live. I do not know these people. I do not want to know these people. I consider them to be unsafe to approach. Sad but true, 'nuff said. A tag is a way ...

LIVE! 2 dead in German drive-by shooting, gunman held - 07/10/15, via Rediff

A senior BJP leader commented that the event will in fact be an anti-Narendra Modi do as opposition parties converge. 16:02 2 dead in German drive-by shooting, gunman arrested: At least two people have ... appeal to Snapchat for live story in Mecca ...

Champagne guide: where to eat, drink and sleep in France's newest World Heritage Site - 07/10/15, via Daily Telegraph

These include Chatillon, birthplace of Urban II, 11th-century pope and man behind the first crusade. Overseeing the valley is the chap’s statue, about the size of 15 live popes ... Good champagne people have long worked hard. They still do, and with ...


  1. 'Alaskan Bush People': Where do these people really live ... Suggested Links 'Alaskan Bush People': Upset fans feel betrayed 'Alaskan Bush People': The Browns battle illness, a bear and each other 'Alaskan Bush ...
  2. Physical Geography: Where People Live and Why Where Do People Live and ... semester you should see if these five criteria help explain where most people live or if there are exceptions to these criteria ...
  3. These People Live Longer Than Anyone. Here Are 9 Things ... These People Live Longer Than Anyone. ... While centenarian Okinawans do eat some ... Our mission is to revitalize the way people eat, move, & live! About; Advertise ...
But for luck
But for luck
and the grace of God this could this be anyone of us. Thought I would do a change from my colorful sunrise shots to post this shot today, This is one thing that I never expected to see in NYC to be honest, people living and sleeping on the streets, I have seen it in many other countries I have been to but just didnt expect it here, This lady I have taken a shot of before and hadnt seen her over the winter months, but last week she was back in her normal spot. I was wondering after seeing her and capturing this where she had been, and have heard from others on another photoblog site I have that "A lot of states (including new york) have a "code blue" system in place for where it gets below a certain temperature. New york I think also has "safe haven" emergency shelters specifically for winter months and winter street walker teams to check on the homeless." and another comment was 'Alas...for many of these people it is so much more complex than just the...
Photo by Singing With Light on Flickr
Petals, Toil and Business at Dadar’s Phulgalli [PHOTO 4] - The Lotus
Petals, Toil and Business at Dadar’s Phulgalli [PHOTO 4] - The Lotus
In this congregated mass of humanity there is colour so vibrant and aromas so powerful that it would match that of any perfumery in the world. Eyes drown in the colour and your nose in the fragrance of a million flowers all stacked in baskets in multitude. A kaleidoscope for your senses. Dadar Phulgalli [flower-lane] takes your traditional Bombay smells of sweat, toil, paint, iron and turns them into the smell of marigolds.. Wipe your brow and you find petals in addition to sweat Bombay’s entire economy is pinned around one ability- the ability to move its mammoth population from their suburban homes to their work places in the city. This is down to Bombay’s local train system with a miraculous efficiency; carrying millions of people each day. Where millions pass, commerce generally follows. I would describe it as a mobile mall. Each station has its bazaar and each bazaar its specialty. You just hop on to a train and simply sample the delights along the way, quite like a giant...
Photo by lecercle on Flickr
Top 10 Ways to Get Attention on Flickr, All New, Fresh and Updated for 2010
Top 10 Ways to Get Attention on Flickr, All New, Fresh and Updated for 2010
"What is more pleasant than the benevolent notice other people take of us, what is more agreeable than their compassionate empathy? What inspires us more than addressing ears flushed with excitement, what captivates us more than exercising our own power of fascination? What is more thrilling than an entire hall of expectant eyes, what more overwhelming than applause surging up to us? What, lastly, equals the enchantment sparked off by the delighted attention we receive from those who profoundly delight ourselves? - Attention by other people is the most irresistible of drugs. To receive it outshines receiving any other kind of income. This is why glory surpasses power and why wealth is overshadowed by prominence." Caterina Fake, Co-founder of Flickr, 2005. Over the course of the past 4 years, about every 2 years or so I've written a blog post that has been one of my most popular entitled "Top 10 Ways to Get Attention on Flickr." It's been a few years, Flickr's...
Photo by Thomas Hawk on Flickr
Alaskan Bush People': Where do these people really live?
Alaskan Bush People': Where do these people really live?
Do these exist in real life?? WHERE???
Do these exist in real life?? WHERE???
Image by pinterest.com
Image by usatoday.com
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  • southstandnige9 Where the kinell do they get these people from on jezza kyle, I FEEL SORRY FOR THE NEIGHBOURS THAT LIVE NEXT DOOR TO THEM.
  • HalfGhosts where do these people live that they are going to sleep at 7am atlantic??
  • _lostinthelight Where do all my painkillers go?! These people I live with are so good at finding all my hiding spots.

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