These Owls Are Always Calling Behind The House

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How Does Paul Rudd Work? - The New York Times 07/10/15, via New York Times

One thing you always hear about Rudd is that he is ''likable,'' which is true, but it doesn't actually explain his appeal. On its own . When he appeared on ''Late Show With David Letterman'' in April, Rudd described his superhero's powers in these

Jackson Hole News&Guide

Turner calls for more conservation 07/08/15, via Jackson Hole News&Guide

You had to fix these things on your own and save all the parts,” Turner said Thursday in front of about 30 people at the Murie Center. “I've always felt that is a “I've always felt that conservation is a conservative philosophy,” Turner said. A

A Great Big World - Already Home

A Great Big World - Already Home Starring Darren Criss and Jessica Szohr Download Is There Anybody Out There. on iTunes:.


The Essential Naturalist

The Essential Naturalist

Published by University of Chicago Press 2011

ISBN 9780226305707,0226305708
534 pages

Like nearly every area of scholarly inquiry today, the biological sciences are broken into increasingly narrow fields and subfields, its practitioners divided into ecologists, evolutionary biologists, taxonomists, paleontologists, and much more. But all these splintered pieces have their origins in the larger field of natural history—and in this era where climate change and relentless population growth are irrevocably altering the world around us, perhaps it’s time to step back and take a new, fresh look at the larger picture. The Essential Naturalist offers exactly that: a wide-ranging, eclectic collection of writings from more than eight centuries of observations of the natural world, from Leeuwenhoek to E. O. Wilson, from von Humboldt to Rachel Carson. Featuring commentaries by...

Fowl and Foreign Policy in the United States

Over the last several months I have been rather tied up in a personal life transition, but this does not mean, for one moment, that I have been absent in my observation or thinking in regards to another corner of the globe and a former romping... html ) there was much yet to be seen in the saga that was the emergence of ISIS (of media parlance, or ISIL, of official parlance, or “The Islamic State”, of whom they wish to be called). And what has finally gotten me to the point of scripting a post, was the Facebook yelling I saw between a friend of mine and that of another associate of a common acquaintance he had on this very topic. which devolved to bird calling. What does that have to do with ISIS and Iraq, and Syria, and foreign affairs. Let me first posit that the last century has changed the way we look at foreign affairs irrevocably. as he left the presidency (he didn’t leave the white house mind you) lasting for over a century. His assertion of American neutrality and that we avoid “entanglements” with the European powers of the day. Why quit our own to stand upon foreign ground. Why, by interweaving our destiny with that of any part of Europe, entangle our peace and prosperity in the toils of European ambition, rivalship, interest, humor or caprice. ” But today, the US is not merely entangled, it is often the entangler of others, into longstanding alliances, treaties, and obligations, not the least of which is NATO, the UN, and the Geneva and Hague Conventions/Law of the Sea. If anything, we have turned Washington’s policy, and that of the predominance of the 19 century. One cannot point to a flip-of-the-switch moment, but there is a clear inflection point that happened in the late 1800s that is historical and pertinent today. Our emerging nation spent the first 100 years establishing itself amongst world powers, and in the second 100, became one of, if not “the”, world power. The US spent the first century constantly afraid that a colonial power would try to re-engulf the fledgling country into its sphere of influence, if not its empire outright. While in the second case, the US emerged as an imperial stakeholder acquiring its own overseas possessions and often has to now fend off accusations of its own desire to “take over” other nation states. No longer were we ostriches sticking our heads in the sand defended behind the distance of seas and communication gaps, but instead eagles flying high over nearly every international engagement the world round and invasively infusing our culture... century in a very different place than Washington’s vision is fantastically ignorant. America has not, even from Washington’s day, been without the need for allies and alliances, and, as with all things in history, they add up. Initially we relied on the French as a counterweight to the British, and then we fended off the British,... And even in the aftermath of the War of 1812 , we worked more to play the European powers off against themselves than we tried to avoid them. We saw to it in the Monroe Doctrine that we would “close” the hemisphere “to European colonization” and further enforced that doctrine through a number of actions (including the Mexican-American War) to hedge against a land-based invasion among... And as the American Civil War heated up, it was critical to the US government that Great Britain, among others, remain on the sideline and not become a treaty party with the Confederate States or other elements on our doorstep. All of these necessitated treaties, and alliances, and commitments, that simply continued to add, along with trade pacts, to the growth of the need for America to eventually take a differing stand in its international relationships from that which... centuries the flow of communication depended highly upon wind-born sailing ships on the seas and drawn or flotsam craft by river. By the break-out of the Civil War, with the invention and widespread use of the telegraph and locomotive on land and steamships on the rivers, this had been halved if not further shortened to mere days. And by the end of the 19 century, the Great Columbian exhibition in Chicago was demonstrating such.

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One thing you never want to lose on the road - your identity - 07/10/15, via CNN Money

And always have copies ... do so from behind a screen but if you leave yourself vulnerable, there is double the danger. Not only have you become a target in Norway now, you've also let everyone back home know that your house may be empty for the next ...

SENIOR SCENE: July 10 - 07/10/15, via

The Carver Council on Aging is located at the Atwood House at Tremont ... and budget for these upcoming adventures. If you have any questions call Karen at 508-866-4698 ext. 2. Friends of the Carver Council On Aging New members are always welcome.

False Flag Change: History, the Confederate Flag, Obama and the Deeper American Racism - 07/10/15, via Counter Punch

Recent calls and acts to ... Meanwhile, these savage racial disparities persist and even deepen thanks to the underlying societal, institutional, historical, and political-economic racism that churns on behind the curtain of an officially color blind ...


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Kirigami Note
Kirigami Note
A thank-you note from our paper carrier, that is, the young man who delivers our newspaper. (I understand from missus oschene that when we pay our bill, we are given the opportunity to tip the carrier. Some of our carriers have been pretty poor at it and I have usually viewed this tip as just so much protection money. But we find this carrier conscientious and well-deserving of a tip.) He had a nice write-up in the paper, this weekend. --- After years of work struggles, autistic man finds meaning in a job well done By Suzanne Wilson NORTHAMPTON - In his light blue winter parka, jeans, white Nikes, and brown knit cap, Jonathan Weinmann moves quickly from house to house in the pre-dawn darkness along Fort Street in Northampton. A big bag, packed with newspapers, is slung across his chest. Weinmann, who lives on nearby South Street, has an excellent memory for keeping track of who gets the paper and exactly where and how they like to have it delivered. Inside the porch door. Outside...
Photo by oschene on Flickr
Always Coming Home, by Ursula Le Guin
Always Coming Home, by Ursula Le Guin Stone Telling is my last name. It has come to me of my own choosing, because I have a story to tell of where I went when I was young; but now I go nowhere, sitting like a stone in this place, in this ground, in this Valley. I have come where I was going. My house is the Blue Clay, my household the High Porch of Sinshan. My mother was named Towhee, Willow, and Ashes. My father's name, Abhao, in the Valley means Kills. In Sinshan babies' names often come from birds, since they are messengers. In the month before my mother bore me, an owl came every night to the oak trees called Gairga outside the windows of High Porch House, on the north side, and sang the owl's song there; so my first name was North Owl. High Porch is an old house, well-built, with large rooms; the beams and frame are redwood, the walls of adobe brick and plaster, the flooring oak, the windows of clear glass in small square panes/ The balconies of High Porch are...
Photo by elycefeliz on Flickr
Owl outside kaitlyns house(:
Owl outside kaitlyns house(:
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Amazing Barred Eagle Owl
Amazing Barred Eagle Owl
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picture of Denali Caribou Resting Autumn Tundra Alaska Image
picture of Denali Caribou Resting Autumn Tundra Alaska Image
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