I Want To Live In A Place Where Owls Are Apparently Available By The Handful

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Magician Robby Bennett Brings A Renewed Sense Of Wonder To His Audiences 05/18/15, via Houston Press

The history of stage magic goes back centuries, and some version of the art form can be traced back to the earliest human civilizations. People have always been entertained by performers who seemed able to create miracles onstage, as seeing the 

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Fourth hen harrier's disappearance sparks fears of extinction by persecution 06/02/15, via The Guardian

A hen harrier with its chick at its nest in Bowland moor in Lancashire, June 2008. Last year just four pairs nested successfully in England and several of the fledged young immediately vanished. Photograph: Christopher Thomond for .


One Man's Owl

One Man's Owl

Published by Princeton University Press 1993

ISBN 0691000654,9780691000657
186 pages

This engaging chronicle of how the author and the great horned owl "Bubo" came to know one another over three summers spent in the Maine woods--and of how Bubo eventually grew into an independent hunter--is now available in a revised and abridged edition to be more accessible to the general reader.


I left off last post boarding our plane to Tokyo. We made it just in time to be greeted by pouring rain - apparently it is typhoon season. After over 20 hours of travel and being awake for 24 hours, we made it to our hostel. We made our way a few blocks away to 7-eleven despite the fact that it was raining so hard our umbrellas lost a purpose and our paper map was no longer in one piece. I suppose it is only fitting to have a hiccup on your first day. We made it back and checked in to Tokyo Heritage Hostel. The place was so cute - very traditional Japanese but with a hipster twist. We grabbed our free drink at the bar and made our way to bed. The following day we woke up early and went to yoga at Be Yoga. I found an article awhile back listing the best yoga studios in the world and Be Yoga was one of them. It also is a goal of ours to do yoga in every country that we visit. The class was dece good but I think more in general a good way to start off the trip. For all the planning we have done for this trip, we really were unprepared for what we wanted to do our first day. We remembered a ramen place recommended to us by our friend Whitney and decided to try it. We wondered over via google maps. On a side note, navigating through Tokyo is quite interesting. There are no street names - it is BEYOND me why one of the biggest cities in the world does not have street signs but they don't. We simply follow this dumb blinking blue dot until we reach our location on google maps. Once your blinking blue dot arrives at the "destination," it is hardly ever there. You then must search around the block, examine all the floors in a building until 30 minutes later a hangry you discovers the place you have been looking is tucked away on another floor or in some alley. Well along with every other restaurant here - that is what happened with the ramen place. Ichiran was on the second floor of a rather business looking building. We ordered the standard bowl of ramen with a soft boiled egg, green onions and a vinegar sauce. We then walk in the restaurant to sit in a personal booth - the best way I can describe it is like a testing or voting booth. I see a form asking additional questions on how I would like my ramen made (flavor level, spicy level, noodle consistency). After filling it out, I click the order button, a hand sticks out from the curtain and grabs my slip and returns with a hot, delicious bowl of ramen. The purpose of this place is to have all sensors focused on your bowl of ramen. I think it's kind of BS as the majority of people in there were sitting on the their phone but I played along. The play is filled with endless slurping and sniffles. That afternoon we wandered around Taito (the neighborhood where our hostel was located) and found a cemetery and temple. We came across the main local "errand street" - I'm giving it that name because they have everything from aprons to dishwater to fish to cook for dinner and I can't remember what it was called. We ended up in Ueno Park - a large park filled with museums, temples, a zoo and a lake filled with row boats. On my last backpacking trip, on my very first day in Madrid, I rowed boats in a city lake. It's quite ironic to be doing the same thing on my first day in Tokyo. We decided to splurge and spend the extra dollar for the super duper cute swan boat. We peddled our way into the Tokyo sunset amongst the hundred other Japanese couples. That evening we made our way to sushi in the Shibuya area. Shibuya is what you would expect of Tokyo. After wandering around quaint little neighborhood we had been asking what hustle and bustle everyone was complaining about. The only way I can describe it is Vegas x 20 - the 10 different massive team screens playing different commercials with sound, so many people, the main intersection that stops probably 25 lanes of traffic for thousands of people that cross through. Definitely not my favorite area but felt like an out of body experience being amongst it. We managed to find an underground bar to grab a drink. The staff handed us menus that had a table of contents menu but I guess they couldn't seem to complete the translations for the drink names below the titles.

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Kids’ Almanac: Fly in a balloon, ogle an owl, hear big drums in a cave, start your story or learn to fish - 07/09/15, via Hudson Valley Almanac Weekly

Bio-Blast takes place ... want to attend this Friday’s live presentation, “Talons: A Birds of Prey Experience”! On Friday, July 10 from 6 to 7 p.m. at the Tivoli Free Library, families will get an up-close-and-personal look at raptors such as owls ...

Cover story: In the balance - 07/03/15, via Fundweb

The message has been assimilated by many people who have been bombarded by an apparently ... funds that need to concentrate on the assets that compose their benchmark, and they can make use of derivative instruments, which enhance the tools available ...

St. Paul: One of the largest Hmong festivals in world continues today - 07/05/15, via TwinCities Pioneer Press

when he took third place in the men's middleweight division. Now 24, Pheng Her wants to teach other Hmong -- especially the young -- the importance of a healthy lifestyle. He co-owns a Hmong gym called Lost Breed that will have a booth at J4. "We want to ...


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... live? I want to live in a place where owls are apparently available by
... live? I want to live in a place where owls are apparently available by
Image by pinterest.com
12 Photos of Cute, Fluffy Owls Will Make Your Day Better
12 Photos of Cute, Fluffy Owls Will Make Your Day Better
12 Photos of Cute, Fluffy Owls Will Make Your Day Better
12 Photos of Cute, Fluffy Owls Will Make Your Day Better